Al Reuters

Russia detains 170 “militants”

These “militants” are of course Mohammedans who  indoctrinate 17-year old zombies  to blow themselves up among the kaffirs in subways & trains. But you won’t find words like “Islam” or “Muslims” in it….. Straights Times

Man in NY bomb plot arrested

Nothing to do with Islam here either:

NEW YORK – A FOURTH suspect in a plot to bomb New York’s subways has been arrested in Pakistan, local media reported on Monday, as new details emerged about what authorities have called the most serious threat to the city since the Sept 11, 2001 attacks.  AL REUTERS

US Nuke policy is ‘state terrorism’

Islamic RAGE-BOY is everywhere:

UNITED NATIONS – IRAN’S UN ambassador on Monday blasted US President Barack Obama’s new nuclear policy as ‘state terrorism’ for not ruling out using nuclear arms against the Islamic republic. AFP

Colbert Owns Wiki Leak (UPDATE: Video and More PWNAGE Added)

Jawa Report

Wikileaks Smearing of the Tropps

Nowhere near accurate, just fake. All it takes is a 17 year-old transexual with a leftist bent and here we go: the wires are spinning like Iranian centrifuges: The Sydney Moonbat Herald calls him  “International man of mystery”,

UPDATE: Ed has some more observations over at Hot Air.