Allah is the biggest of plotters….

Koran 8:30: they plot, but Allah (also) plotteth; and Allah is the best of plotters.

Musta been Allah’s wrath, because there is no fun in Islam….

Burqa kills Go-kart riding Muslima

A 24-year-old woman has died after her burqa got caught in a moving go-kart near the New South Wales town of Port Stephens.

The woman was driving the go-kart at Bob’s Farm and it appears her burqa became caught in the vehicle. She suffered serious neck and throat injuries and was flown to Newcastle’s John Hunter Hospital where she later died.

Australian taxpayers will pay for expensive law-suits and millions in compo….. They will hear lots of “nothing to do with Islam”,  and no, can’t blame the burqa either, that would be “racist”.  Lets blame the  greedy kaffirs for leading Muslims astray. But somehow…. burqa and go-karts don’t seem to go well together…. Mohammedans & Australians mix like water & fire….

ABC News

9 thoughts on “Allah is the biggest of plotters….”

  1. A Muslim woman having fun – how disgusting, outrageous and Evil!!
    Allah has judged her and condemned her – he alone is responsible for this young woman’s death!

  2. Being female muslim she should not drive. No wonder Allah has punished her with death and shall suffer perpetual Hell Fire

  3. Can we tell the full hijab muslims that they are not allow in go-kart or other hazardous things because of their “veil”. The muslims include Trad Keysar would scream and call us so-called “Islamophobia” and sue us for “insult their religion”, and “discrimination”? But if a dead muslim’s husband still want to sue, he should sue the islamic organisations for the poor design of hijab, burqa etc.

  4. Can you tell if that is really a man or a woman or something in between underneath all that black mass?

    They have missed the point altogether. They cover themselves in an effort to please their god but have failed to realize that the real God of the Bible has pinpointed the core of the problem. It’s the human heart that is the source of all evil thought, and THAT heart can only be covered by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. ….. Or her dead muslim’s husband can sue so-called allah or prophet Mu-ham-mad for the poor design of hijab, burqa etc etc. I know he won’t because “everything in the islam is never fault because so-called prophet Mu-ham-mad and allah is 100% perfect, and it is always infidel’s fault”.

  6. [Steven] “poor design of hijab, burqa etc”

    Imagine the reaction from the usual suspects if the coroner finds this, instead of against the go-kart design or operator.

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