Australia is being flooded with illegal welfare seekers…

Capacity exceeded on Christmas Island

Paige Taylor/The Australian

CHRISTMAS Island detention facilities are likely to tip over official capacity today despite a charter flight taking 53 people to the mainland.

There are now 1920 people in immigration detention on Christmas Island and 120 spare beds, but interpreters and Customs are now at Flying Fish Cove preparing to receive about 140 asylum seekers from boats intercepted last month.

Official capacity is about 2040, a spokesman from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship said.

Most of the people who left the island on this morning’s charter have been granted visas, and the plane delivered 12 Indonesian crew to detention in Darwin in preparation for court appearances or repatriation.

Earlier today, Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison labelled Christmas Island a “taxi service” after an asylum-seeker boat slipped though Australia’s border security and announced its arrival in a triple 0 call.

Paul Kelly in The Weekend Australian tomorrow argues that the lines are drawn for a bitter election year confrontation over boat people as the political ghosts of Tampa hover over the national contest. If the boats continue Australia faces another election test on refugee policy spilling into border security, humanitarian concerns and our international obligations.

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  1. That guy carrying the toddler, in the middle of the photo, sure doesn’t look like a refugee, does he? Well fed, well dressed. Carrying a tiny child as a bargaining chip or shield. What a coward!

  2. I don’t understand how housing these people can be a problem. Everything else about them is a problem but housing should be the one easy part.

    You see our own troops – those men and women who are supposed to defend our country – are happy to live in tents on the battlefield because that is the only type of housing practical. Thus it should be for illegals – house them in tents. It’s quick, easy and cheap; may just require a barbed wire fence around them as well. They can even erect the tents themselves. And of they destroy them that would be a criminal act and preclude them from applying for a visa.

  3. In the UK, tents would violate the human rights of asylum seekers.

    Asylum seekers have crossed continents, forded dangerous rivers, sailed in rickety boats across high seas, because they were promised that they would get 4 or 5 bedroomed houses in the UK, free of cost, with all mod cons, electricity etc all paid.

    Living in tents would be a violation of our promise.

  4. good point Dhumme… a pot belly and all.
    My friends daughter works in this” industry”..she says her daughter gets really , really well paid…It is all a nonsense.
    How is Krudd spinning it all? Surely he is becoming unpopular?

  5. Australia is being flooded with illegal welfare seekers…
    by sheikyermami on April 2, 2010

    Capacity exceeded on Christmas Island
    Paige Taylor/The Australian

    theresaj April 2, 2010 at 11:36 pm
    “…How is Krudd spinning it all? Surely he is becoming unpopular?”

    KRudd is spinning out of control AND becoming unpopular according to instantaneous people polls, BUT not the scientific ones, WHICH, I think are structured to get the results the government wants so that it can spin yet more rubbish.

    Time will tell at the election!
    Going by his body language, yesterday, he is struggling with composure now. He is looking like a person who is bottling up rage. His lips are pursed REALLY TIGHT. They say he has a glass jaw! Can’t wait till he blows!
    All his emus are coming home to roost with the BER and the Insulation Installation fiasco. He has just sacked his Auditor-General for doing his job. A journalist says it is because it is in the lead up to the Federal Election due between now and April 2011.

  6. How dare the government give the Australian Navy orders to escort these low life scum bags into our waters. The Navy should be instructed to turn the boats around and command them to return to where they came from, otherwise, they should use them as target practise. It won’t be long, before these sob’s think that they are doing Australia a favour by coming here.

  7. Sadly the Howard-lovers remain with us and overlook completely, the fact that recent events in Sri Lanka have driven more to the boat solution. The Rudd government is just as tough on asylum-seekers and refugees and very recently, to the dismay of the dhimmis and usual suspects in legal circles, academe and government, tightened the anti-terrorist legislation further.

    The job now is and will remain to exclude Islamic migration (a Coalition idea that backfired) and seek to deport all found guilty of terrorist charges, including the new offence of “aiding and abetting” wannabe terrorists.

  8. I should have added that unlike some this government treats boat people as human beings and not necessarily a drain on the economy. Friends of the glassy-eyed ideologues of the feral Right and their shock-jock mates on radio need to be extremely cautious. We saw what they whipped up at Bondi a few years ago and it will only take one successful terrorist attack for neighbour to tun on neighbour with violence. You may think that’s just and justifiable. I think it immoral and intolerable – in any crisis, cool heads must prevail, not hot-blooded idiots tooled up to kill.

    Multiculturalism is a failed policy, never voted on or assented to at an election in any Western country. The time to act is now, not when blood has been spilled but I fear “she’ll be right mate” will be s.o.p. until then.

  9. “recent events in Sri Lanka have driven more to the boat solution.”

    Miller, these “recent events” date back 30 years. Besides, the amount of Tamils landing here is small compared with those from Iraq, Afghanistan and other cultural enrichment nations in Africa and the ME.

    Look who’s coming to Australia

    Apart from this, I don’t think you’ll find many Howard lovers here. I personally think Howard was a wuss, but in spite of that he was a hundred times better than KRudd, this insufferable parvenu.

  10. John Miller, you write like a successful career public servant. Having an opinion that has a bit each way as insurance for the inevitable future change of government. I worked in it too, but that wishy washy expectation really turned me off. Either something IS or it ISN’T.
    I assess a leader by their RHETORIC then their MATCHING ACTIONS.
    Not their personality.
    The last leader protected our borders, this one doesn’t. This one has exposed us, through his multicultural policies, to genocide. That is treason in my books. It is just that you will not see the outcome anytime soon. But don’t worry there is plenty of time for you to reach your comfortable retirement.
    Most of these boat people will slit our throats when the time is right!
    You should get out amongst them. Look and listen to them without a word so that they will confide in you honestly. Especially on campus. Ask your kids or grandkids.

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