Belgian govt collapses amid veil ban threat after France – UPDATED

The Battle Over The Freedom Sack

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Belgian government collapsed as MPs are set to vote on a proposed ban on wearing face-covering veils in public, a day after France move.

Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme’s five-month-old government collapsed on Thursday after the Flemish liberal party pulled out of his coalition.

The move comes as Belgian lawmakers are set to vote on a proposed ban on wearing face-covering veils in public, a day after neighbouring France proposed enacting similar legislation.

France: Veil law: Driver fined / Deputy threatened/A French driver was fined 22 euro for driving veiled.  According to the police her field of vision was decreased by the niqab, a veil which covers everything but the eyes, French media reported Friday./Islam in Europe

France: Ban will also apply to tourists/Muslim tourists in France will be forbidden to wear the full-face veil along with French residents under the government’s plan to ban the garment in public places, a minister said on Thursday./Islam in Europe

Leterme, 49, called an emergency meeting of his cabinet early on Thursday afternoon to inform ministers that his second term in office was at an end, and left for the royal palace to tender his government’s resignation to King Albert.

“Yves Leterme had no other choice than to inform us that he would go to the king immediately to tender the government’s resignation,” Health Minister Laurette Onkelinx told reporters.

Without the backing of the centre-right Open VLD, the remaining four parties in government still have 76 of the 150 seats in the lower house of parliament but it would be hard to govern with such a slim majority.

Open VLD said it had lost confidence in the government because of its failure to resolve a dispute between French- and Dutch-speaking parties over electoral boundaries around the capital, Brussels.

“We have not agreed on a negotiated solution and therefore Open VLD no longer has confidence in the government,” said Alexander De Croo, the party’s chairman.

Belgium is divided between the Dutch-speaking majority and the French-speaking minority. They are bitterly at odds over the question of who should have more political rights over Brussels, a largely French-speaking city in Dutch-speaking territory.

“Vote on ban”

The scheduled vote on Thursday in Brussels comes after the federal parliament’s home affairs committee voted unanimously on March 31 to endorse a nationwide ban on clothing that does not allow the wearer to be fully identified.

The ban would include the full-face niqab and the burqa, a shapeless full-body cloak that covers the face with a fabric grille.

Those who ignore the ban could face a fine of up to $34 and/or a jail sentence of up to seven days.

Belgium’s governing parties and opposition both appear to agree on the ban, and the full house is expected to easily endorse the draft law.

If enacted, the bill would make Belgium the first European country to ban the garments.

“Ban attempts criticised”

Almost 10 per cent of France’s 62 million population is Muslim.

Most Muslim women, in France’s immigrant communities and around the world, do not wear a full veil, but the niqab, which covers the face apart from the eyes, is widely worn on the Arabian peninsular and in the Gulf states.

Useful Idiot Watch:

Human Rights Watch warned against such legislation, in a statement issued late Wednesday criticising the Belgian initiative.

“Bans like this lead to a lose-lose situation,” said Judith Sunderland, senior Western Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch.

“They violate the rights of those who choose to wear the veil and do nothing to help those who are compelled to do so.”

There was no evidence that wearing the full veil in public threatened public safety, public order, health, morals, or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others, she added.

“At a time when Muslims in Europe feel more vulnerable than ever, the last thing needed is a ban like this, treating pious Muslim women like criminals won’t help integrate them,” Sunderland added.

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  1. These buffoons are missing the point. It is not to integrate them, its to tell them that they are not welcome anymore and should take their tents and go home and also to send out a message that Europe will not welcome anymore musim immigrants.

  2. A 22 euro fine for driving while (vision impaired) – that must have hurt!

  3. Mullah, it does when they have to return some of their welfare money to the government!

  4. R_not, she’ll probably get free legal aid for a sheik-down. Poor victim.

  5. “They violate the rights of those who choose to wear the veil and do nothing to help those who are compelled to do so.”

    It is not our business to interfere in the private affairs of Muslim women or the cultural mores of Islam. It is not our business to make Islam a civilised religion.

    Muslims need to obey the law, or go where the law is conducive to Islamic culture.

  6. Europe is slowly awakening from its slumber.

    Credit and thanks must be given to so many NGOs and other Organisations throughout Europe and the World who have decided that immigrants of a certain religion must follow the customs, habits and the laws of the host country or pack up their tents, awaken the camels and take the ride home to their glorious pure religious lands and continue cutting off limbs, stoning women, raping children and using the word ‘Honour’ without even knowing how to spell the word or knowing what honour should really be.

    It is great that EURABIA is being attacked by the Europeans.

    Bless those who are involved in this great struggle to save Civilisation.

  7. THE Lib Dem leader is in favour of mosques being able to broadcast calls to prayer from loudspeakers in towns and cities across Britain.

    He says the Islamic “muezzin” cry should be ­allowed to ring out just like Christian church bells. He described it as “a joyful thing”.

    I have stated my suspicions for the last six months.

    I do not believe that the three main oparties are interested in winning this election. They know that whoever wins this election, will get the blame for the coming debacle, and will never see power again.

    It wont suprise me that all three of the main Treasonous parties are praying for a BNP victory.

  8. I agree totally with the above comments. Muslims know how we live before they arrive. We cant go to their countries and change a thing. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Try swimming in Saudi and see how you get on. Show arms and legs in Iran and see how you get on. In the same way as we cover up a little more when we visit the Vatican. It is called respect. They have no respect for our way of life whatsoever and it is time for Europe to fight back and now it has started I hope the rest of Europe will follow. If they want to do their “thing” then do it back in your own deserts and on their money. The honey pot is not for Muslims to sip from anymore.

  9. … and will Orthodox Jews be disallowed from wearing their stupid “get up” – of course not – Rules of exclusivity as we are all aware – apply only to the Judaics… They can wear what they want it seems.

  10. Time to enact this law in every country in the West. Time to send these towel heads back to their deserts , dates and camels.

  11. At last people are waking up to the dangers of the muderous hypocrites who practice islam.Who amongst the readers of this were given a democratic choice as to whether we want islamic parasites infesting our democracy.I wasn’t given a choice but now I have to run the daily risk of being blown to bits or killed by some other means by a government imported muslim terrorist.So much for the first duty of any democratically elected government ( to protect its citizens) .It should also be noted that the hate mongers manual ( the qur’an) forbids muslims from accepting help from non muslims so why do the scum hold their hands out for benefits at every opportunity.start packing your bags muslims,the free ride at the tax payers expense is coming to an end

  12. Mr Clegg is reachable through the internet – give him your feelings on his support for an alien invader.

  13. Infidel John.
    The quran allows muslims to lie, cheat, murder and rape (they are expected to)
    for their “religion” and the 6th century rapist and murderer they follow with mindless devotion. This means that they find pleasure in taking our aid and using it against us. Such is the perversion that is called islam.

  14. Kaw
    your’e damn right there,killing is obligatory for muslims.It seems like you’ve studied the paedophiles parables ( the qur’an ) so I guess you’re labelled an islamophobe like me I didn’t know whether to laugh or fart when I read it One thing is clear though,for the sake of civilisation we have to remove the ideology or the ideologues from the civilised world,back to the islamic utopia they came from
    keep up the fight

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