BNP will end 'the Islamic colonisation of Britain'

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Only Mohammedans and their enablers would have a problem with that…

Under the heading “Counter Jihad: Confronting the Islamic Colonisation of Britain”, the British National Party’s 2010 election manifesto features the following policies:

• The BNP is implacably opposed to the Labour/Tory regime’s mass immigration policies which, if left unchecked, will see Britain and most of Europe colonised by Islam within a few decades.

• The BNP believes that the historical record shows that Islam is by its very nature incompatible with modern secular western democracy.

• The BNP will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain.

• The BNP believes that there should be absolutely no further immigration from any Muslim countries, as it presents one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation.

• We propose the immediate deportation of all radical Islamist preachers, those proven to have attended any of their inflammatory sermons, and any other members of their community who object to these reasonable security measures.

A lot of the other stuff is overly ambitious, ideologically flawed and hardly doable. But as long as they reverse the Mohammedan spook who would disagree?

Quote of the Day:

The difference between an extremist and a moderate is that the extremist is the one with the death threat and the moderate is the one who explains what youve done to deserve it.” The Right Not to Obey Islamic Law (Hot Air)

4 thoughts on “BNP will end 'the Islamic colonisation of Britain'”

  1. what gets me is how liberal UK Jews suggest that Mosquitoes are persecuted like Jews. Unlike the US with your Pamela Geller as our new Superwoman and many other illustrious Resistance fighters.

    The BNP has a few Jews in it mind you. Me for one.

  2. I love the photo – fat bearded muslim pig claiming it has the right to rule the world – almost as funny as Himmler applying for the position of human rights chief in the UN. However, what is interesting is the consistent wish of the left wing Jewry to commit suicide, Is there a rational explanation for this???

  3. As a rational westerner, I’m always interested in the HOW. How, exactly, will islam rule the world?
    Unlike other fascist regimes, I don’t think it will make the trains run on time.
    In fact there probably won’t be any trains. And no planes; they will all have exploded by that time.

    Will a lot of Chinese, who can’t grow beards and also not get obese, have to be executed? Who will do the dreary jobs when women aren’t allowed out anymore?
    Will the world (when ruled by islam) look more like Saudi A, or more like Afghanistan?

    These are the things I wonder about, but there doesn’t seem to be even one muslim around who has drawn up a plan for the future.

    As the ones who won’t have any part in that future, I think we still have the right to know.

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