Can't call Muslims terrorists, because that makes them violent, sez Media Watch crap-master Holmes….

This guy has an eery resemblance with EU president Rompuy, a  nobody with “all the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk”….

Gotta be “fair and balanced”, right?  Can’t call Muslim terrorists Muslim ‘terrorists’, because that would get get Media Watch’s spin doctor Holmes knickers in a twist. Nah. We gotta be politically correct. And Holmes, who somehow reminds me of EU president Rompuy, shows similar qualities,,,,,,,

Thanks to Mullah

Just doing my job, mate

Melbourne TV news recently showed a father losing his cool outside court, but failed to show why he got so angry. The unedited camera tape reveals how he and his son were provoked by Nine cameraman, Simon Fuller, who then called the father a “f**king terrorist”. more »

Who will rid us of these Assholes?

7 thoughts on “Can't call Muslims terrorists, because that makes them violent, sez Media Watch crap-master Holmes….”

  1. The Ch 9 cameraman has apparently been sacked:

    [A CHANNEL Nine cameraman who called the father of an Oakleigh riot suspect a ”f—ing terrorist” has been sacked.] – The Age

    The incident has the capacity to undermine muslim confidence in the media (but we are always warned not to react or cause a backlash to each new muslim terrorist atrocity). muslims will flog this for all it isn’t worth, while doing the “nothing to do with islam” when the next bombing occurs, or suspects are arrested …

    [A lawyer for Mr Amr, Grace Morgan, said he had been a citizen in Australia for 20 years “and has never been the subject of a criminal allegation”. This incident has the capacity to further erode the Islamic community’s confidence in the media.”] – SMH

    Why was a muslim (or muslims) rioting at Oakleigh in the first place? Can the riot erode the infidel community’s “confidence” in islam, or is it “islamophobia”?

    How about “mediaphobia”?

  2. Good call – “prince” Alwaleed might have picked up the phone and ordered Rupert to have him beheaded, but sharia hasn’t got to that stage here (yet).

  3. Just saw a brilliant and very apt quotation on PJM ‘ You can lead a Liberal to water but you cant make him think” LOL

  4. So, if you call a muslim a terrorist he gets angry, does he? I always call them terrorists to their damn faces and no one says a word. I even ask the fellows I meet if they are wearing their special belt today. I have a right to be careful and I have a right to protect my family because the police have their hands tied and the government takes a pussy soft approach.
    If a muslim gets offended, too bad, he has to prove to me that he is not one of the insane, mad group that is increasing in numbers. I would not hesitate to hit the first scumbag who objects to me calling him a terrorist.

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