Chose your poison!

From the RoP:

17-Year-Old Bride of 71-Year-Old Attempts Suicide…

Jihad du Jour: US Consulate Stormed in Pakistan – 6 Dead…


Tayyip Erdogan: “Turkey very closely pursues developments in Bosnia-Herzegovina.”

You bet he does….  the Heroin & Jihad fiefdom in the Bakans is  a priceless asset in the Islamization of Europe….

Turkey, Israel and the Armenians

It is fair to say that Britons have grown more familiar than they’d like with the real estate habits of ultra-Orthodox Jews in east Jerusalem. Judging by the coverage this hyperactive sectarian element garners in the British press, Israeli settler development is apparently better disposed to determine the course of events in today’s Middle East than are the nuclear ambitions of Iran’s mullahs, the parliamentary intrigues of Iraqi Shia, or the Turkish prime minister’s threat of forced population transfers. Harry’s Place has more: Turkey, Israel ….

Turkey Legalizes Bribes to State Employees…

Give and take in the old Mohammedan ways….

Obama’s Anti-Israel Jihad »

by Robert Spencer While Islamic jihad becomes “as American as apple pie.”…

Obama is a Christian, right?

Obama Edits Christ Out of His Easter Holiday Greeting…

No American president in history has had such outright contempt for the God of the Bible than Obama. No American president in history has had such outright contempt for the Jews of Israel.

No American president in history has been so pro-Islamic… (That’s because America never had a Muslim POTUS before….)

Black Liberation Theology, Kenya, and the Obamas’ “Spiritual Homeland”

Many of the blogs today are buzzing with an old video of Michelle Obama, recognizing Kenya as Obama’s “home… »

Sweden: “Muslim community fears violence” after attack on elderly couple

There it is again, that dreaded “backlash”- Muslims attack, murder and then whine about the blowback: quick, sent a police squadron out to defend the poor oppressed muslims from the enraged Swedes who are coming to take revenge!   Islam in Europe >>

Spain: Passports Confiscated

Praying Muslims to be prosecuted

Oh my! I can already hear the howling and whingeing around the world: arrested for praying! What will these filthy  kafirs come up with next!

Two men arrested for breaking a ban on Muslim prayers at a Spanish cathedral which was once a mosque, will be prosecuted, a report said on Saturday. more

“By Allah! Kadima strangled herself!”

Antwerp: 24 years for wife murderer/honor killer without honor

Omar Sellami (38) was found guilty by an Antwerp criminal court of killing his wife, Karima Sellami (24). The accused had strangled his wife on November 22, 2007 in their apartment in Merksem (Antwerp). The court sentenced him to 24 years in jail, taking into account the exceptionally brutal way in which he killed his wife, the suffering he had caused Karima and her relatives, and the aggressive, authoritarian and obstinate character Omar showed.

Chairman Dirk Thys said: “You received a harsh punishment, but in our society it’s not tolerated that men treat women in the way you’ve done. If you can’t accept that, you’ll never function in our society.”  Omar confessed last year that he was responsible for his wife’s death. For two years had had sworn “by Allah” that Karima had strangled herself under the influence of the angry spirits that had possessed her. Islam in Europe

UK Honor Killing:

Boyfriend facing murder quiz ‘met schoolgirl knife victim on Facebook’

2 thoughts on “Chose your poison!”

  1. (the quote on the Obama pic above)

    [Obama] finished his brief remarks by saying, “We’re going to keep on praising together. I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    Interesting – what kingdom does he have in mind, and what king?

    Not Jesus Christ, who described His kingdom thus: “My kingdom,” replied Jesus, “does not belong to this world. If my kingdom did belong to this world, my subjects would have resolutely fought to save me from being delivered up to the Jews. But, as a matter of fact, my kingdom has not this origin.” (John 18:36)

    Obama and friends may create a kingdom on Earth, but the king they will get is the Beast. (not to imply that the Beast’s identity is known)

    1. He has all the traits and mores of a Jim Jones. I could imagine him as a cult leader in Guyana. The fact that this ‘community organizer’ is president of the United States is incomprehensible.

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