"Dr Phil", manufacturer of worthless New Age honky-tonk twattle

Dr. Phil’s Shameless Islamo-Pandering Continues

Dr. Phil is a low-rent propagandist.

The guy isn’t a doctor either, sez Debbie Schlussel, but a brown-nosed BS artist for the cause of Islam:

Today, he’s telling America that we are being mean to Muslims.  His show’s topic, today, is some Muslim woman’s claim that her kids are being bullied because of their religion (and I’m sure that’s the reason one of her sons is in jail, too, right?).

But I wouldn’t dispense any advice to you on how to live your personal life.  Only Dr. Feely can do that.  He has a degree from the University of Oprah Medical School.  (I think his degree is signed by Art Vandelay.)  The guy’s name is Mr. McGraw.  Anything else ain’t accurate.   Read the full Post

8 thoughts on “"Dr Phil", manufacturer of worthless New Age honky-tonk twattle”

  1. I get tired of people like Mr. Phil and Shoshana defending islam when they don’t have a clue about it. YES! islam is NOT NORMAL AND there are over a billion people that are following the most UNnormal ideology in the world!

    What Hasan did was EXACTLY what a Jihadist does. I actually posted elsewhere on this and told those two to read Islamic texts before defending it so they don’t sound stupid. But as with many (O’Reilly, and many others included) they would rather open their traps and spout.

  2. If I were to enter a school in Germany wearing a swastika – people would shout neo-nazi, probably throw things and I would be arrested.

    If this girl cares so much about so-called “islamaphobia”, why is he dressed in islamic garb?

    As for the boys, how does anyone know they a muslim? Do they demand separate toilets, make rude comments about the non-muslim girls in the school? Oh is it just that they are the brothers of a girl who insists on dressing like an islamic terrorist supporter?

    Now skin colour, race, gender – these are things that happen and nobody should be disrespected because of them.

    But anyone flouting their supremist cult must learn to grow a thick skin. In view of the sort of things that islamists say of non-muslims, and the aims and views of the islamic ideology, why are they surprised that people don’t like their attitude?

  3. She wears it because she is compelled to by her religious beliefs. It is not different from a Jewish yamulke, or an Amish cap. And Dr. Phil did show the pictures of the kid that the son beat up and had the school officials on to present their side. Islam is in an of itself no more dangerous than any other religion. The way some people practice it, yes, but that goes for all religions.

  4. “Strike off their heads, maim them in every limb!” – allah, via its false prophet. Some people 9good muslims) do follow allah’s instructions.

  5. Tony.”.islam is of itself no more dangerous than other religions..”
    First of all it is not a religion. It is an invented system of barbaric justification for evil and world domination.
    How many other religions want to overturn the rule of law and democracy in every country.? How many other religions practice child slavery , female slavery , child marriages , rapes , gang rapes , FGM , stoning , beheading , amputation of hands , legs tongues..massive scale sexual abuse against boys , the destruction of education , the banning of education for women and girls , the total oppression of minorities living in their midst etc etc…No other ideology on the planet can match the evil they are happy to dish out…They want to achieve their goals thru overbreeding..In the Uk they are having ten times as many children as local people , in my country they are have six times as many chidlren.
    In 1980 , Muslim leaders said “We will not need to take Europe by the sword , we will take Europe with our children.” This is their strategy everywhere.

  6. very simply – Islam is not a religion – Dr. Phil is not a doctor. Because most people are too lazy or too overworked to take the time to investigate these tv guru’s many accept anything the media throws at them as the truth. This is why these slime bags get their following. What have we become as a civilization when we watch such rubbish.

    Dr. Phil should take a pill. He has people discussing their most intimate marriage secrets on national tv. It is horrible and those people who present them and the networks that show them are disgusting too.

    There is a slight change happening in Eurasia right now. France is leading the way. We must force our governments to do the same thing. Whatever happened to the privacy of the doctors office.


  7. the reason he went to jail is cuz he beat up this white guy like literally broke his teeth and his nose i know because it happened at my school

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