"Feeling of Injustice" Expressed

Its all about feelings…

(not really: “injustice” in Islam speak means any law that is not  subject to sharia…)

Fine For Freedom Sack

NANTES, France (AP) – A woman driver wearing an Islamic face veil has been fined by French police for not having a clear field of vision. The fine was small, but it garnered big attention Friday and may illustrate what is to come as the president pushes to outlaw the veils nationwide. Breitbart has more


3 thoughts on “"Feeling of Injustice" Expressed”

  1. France should use the wahhabi defence:
    In Saudi Arabia you wouldn’t be permitted to drive at all,so suck it up!
    Burqa wearers in the West are political soldiers for Sharia and should be treated with all the distrust warranted by any subversive political movement.

  2. See how ridiculous they look standing there in their costumes. How has it come to this, that they are even given air time; listened to, feared????

  3. Why are some masks referred to as “islamic veils”when they have nothing to do with islam.just about every media outlet refers to them as “islamic veils”trying to make a religious issue out of something which has nothing to do with religion
    cecilie the reason why they are feared is because they have a propensity for exploding in crowded places,just check how many female suicide bombers wear a mask immediately prior to detonation
    Why do we accept double standards by allowing mask wearers to hide their faces from security cameras etc but not allowing everyone to hide their identity.
    amswer political correctness by spineless politicians who did not have a mandate to import muslims in the first place

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