Who wants to live under sharia law?

The enlightened progressives don’t see a problem with it. They think the enemy is One Nation:

Smear-job of the day

Just when you thought One Nation might be dead with the proposed departure of founder Pauline Hanson to England, their Victorian division has splashed out thousands of dollars for an ad in the Herald Sun to encourage new members to join and compete in the coming federal election.

VEXNEWS springs into action and manufactures your PC opinion for you…..

Meanwhile, KRudd keeps ’em coming: Rudd doesn’t scare them, either

Andrew Bolt

Friends With Benefits

A boat carrying nine suspected asylum seekers and three crew has been intercepted near Ashmore Reef. (“Intercepted” is code for getting a red carpet reception….)


An migration agent’s advertisement in the Gulf News, read by members of the United Arab Emirates’ huge workforce of Pakistanis, Indians and Sri Lankans, advertises the most attractive things about Australia for potential immigrants and “refugees”:

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  1. kaw
    don’t go making comments like that, you’ll upset all those bleeding heart pinko liberal hand wringing sandal wearing politically correct do gooders.Just accept that geting blown to bits by some medieval nutter is all in the name of multiculturist cohesion and be grateful

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