F*kc The Associated (With Terrorists) Press!


By DON BABWIN, Associated Press Writer – 6 mins ago

Now the story is completely sanitized, neutralized, neutered: no mention of Islam, the Koran, Muslims, hearing voices… nothing! Not a thing.

“Wis. man charged with killing 4 relatives in Ill.”

James A. Larry, 32, of Madison, Wisc.

Hearing Voices

Dare to compare:

Chicago Muslim murders four family members: had been clutching Qur’an and saying it told him to kill

He had fought with his wife because she would not become a Muslim and wear Muslim garb. “Suspect held in slayings of wife, baby son, two young nieces: 2 other family members are hospitalized, one on life support,” by Kristen Schorsch, Annie Sweeney and Cynthia Dizikes for the Chicago Tribune/better from JW

AP tells you all you need to know about the Chicago mass murder who said the Qur’an was telling him to kill

What’s that? The “gunman” was a Muslim? He said something about the Qur’an? Surely not! None of that is in the AP story, which is an object lesson in journalistic bias and obfuscation: “Source: Chicago gunman heard voices to kill family,” by Don Babwin for Associated Press, April 14 (thanks to JW):

CHICAGO – A person close to the investigation of a shooting in Chicago that left a woman and three children dead says the gunman told police that he committed the crime after hearing voices telling him to kill his family.

“Hearing voices?” That’s a good one. Didn’t Muhammad, the pedophile 7th century warlord of Islam also claim to “hear voices?”
Compare that to the Chicago Tribune story I discussed here. It says that “the man had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in prison and had a dispute with his wife — one of the victims — because she would not adhere to his faith. He told police that he needed to take his family back to Allah and out of this world of sinners, a source said….The wife’s sister, Shirina Thompson, said the suspect had been talking about “going to Allah.” Both Thompson and a neighbor in Wisconsin said the man had fought with his wife in recent days because she refused to wear Muslim garb….Letisha Larry, one of the suspect’s sisters, said her brother had been acting strange, carrying around the Quran and telling family members that something in the book told him to kill someone.”

But AP has none of that. He was just “hearing voices.” And now, in the latest version, he is not even “hearing voices” anymore….. Just “a man  charged with killing 4 relatives...”

This is one of the reasons why we always post at Jihad Watch the names of the reporters who write the stories. These whole process of news gathering and news reporting needs to be demystified, even in this Internet age, and news reports recognized not as objective, dispassionate accounts, but as the work of human beings with agendas. While it is possible that Kristen Schorsch, Annie Sweeney and Cynthia Dizikes of the Tribune are simply better, more thorough reporters than Don Babwin of AP, it is more likely that Babwin had access to exactly the same information that showed up in the Tribune report, but chose not to go with it.

He probably thought it would be “Islamophobic” to do so, or that to do so would fuel one of those fabled but nonexistent “backlashes” against innocent Muslims. So he probably decided it was better to cover up key facts about this incident. And the thing is, Don Babwin is no worse a journalist than thousands of others working today. He was just doing what they all do, in large and small ways, every day.

To expose them as they do this, and to inform you about what is really going on, is one of the main reasons why Jihad Watch exists.

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