Indonesia's "moderate Muslims" Stronger than Supreme Court

Bogor: Islamic extremists stronger than the Supreme Court, Protestant church closed

by Mathias Hariyadi (H/T TROP)

Two judgments of the Administrative Court of Bandung and the Supreme Court had ruled that the place of worship had necessary construction permits. The authorities ordered the closure, because of fundamentalist protests. From January 10 Protestant churches and one Catholic have halted celebrations.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – The authorities of the regency of Bogor, West Java, have imposed a blockade on religious services – with no advance notice – on the faithful of the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI). A member of the community, also known by the nickname Yasmin Church, said the decision “was taken by the [district] head of Bogor. However, the closure of the place of Christian worship violates two recent judgments of the Administrative Court of Bandung (PTUN) and the Indonesian Supreme Court. Asia News

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