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Jews out, Muslims in

New Obama Policy: Israeli Nuclear Workers Denied US Entry

NRG/Maariv reports today that workers at the Dimona reactor who submitted VISA requests to visit the United States for ongoing University education in Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering — have all been rejected, specifically because of their association with the Dimona reactor.

Iran continues to mock America’s Surrender Monkey-in-Chief

Iranian headbanger in chief Ahmadinejad is thumbing his nose at the U.S. – this time by ridiculing President Obama’s new “cowboy” nuclear strategy. Barenaked has more>>

Boomerang Rocketeers:

Gaza boyz shoot rockets towards Israel, 6 Pal’s injured

Six mortar shells were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, but landed in Palestinian territory and injured six Gazans, according to Palestinian sources. Six Palestinians were injured, one of them seriously, Gaza emergency services chief Mo’aweya Hassanein said.

The shells were fired just two days after the Islamic Jihad in Gaza announced that it would cease firing rockets into Israel.

Saudi preacher chickens out under fire

The Saudi TV preacher who promised to visit Jerusalem has chickened out under pressure from many Muslim leaders and Saudi officials.  Palestine Today reports that Sheikh Mohammed Al-Areefi was pressured by “Muslim scholars” who say that no Muslim leader should visit Jerusalem while it is under Israeli control./ Elder of Ziyon

Blood on the streets of Kyrgyzstan

IN PICTURES: Dozens of people have been killed in riots that saw the Kyrgyzstan opposition take control of the republic.

Revealed: Marriott bomber’s live suicide stream

The ABC has obtained a chilling new bomber’s-eye video of the Marriott hotel suicide bombing that killed five people, including three Australians, in Jakarta last year. ABC News