Mohammed sets wife on fire

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That’s after he  repeatedly struck her over the head with a blunt instrument before setting her alight to cover his tracks.

Mr Soboh, of New England Road, Brighton, denies murder.

Mr Soboh was once married to Ms Knowles-Samarraie but the pair separated and he had gone on to marry her daughter, Nada, the jury was told.   Al BeBeeCeera

And another one:

‘He Killed Everyone’- He told police he had been hearing voices that told him to bring his family to Allah.   KTLA

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2 thoughts on “Mohammed sets wife on fire”

  1. “voices that told him to bring his family to Allah”

    or Moloch? “History of mental illness” coming up.

  2. How can England tolerate these barbaric beasts any longer. Why can’t they just get rid off the whole lot of them once and for all. They are polluting the entire Western world with their crazy, insane terrorist religion. How long must the world suffer these mad dogs? The only voice this mad dog of a man heard in his head was the voice of the devil.

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