Obama:'I Was Wrong To Promise An Undivided Jerusalem'

Before the election:  “Let me be clear: Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided…”

After: “I can see that the wording was poor, the mistake was immediately corrected…”

He could have simply said “I lied. I’m a Muslim. I lied. That’s what Muslims do. Because “War is deceit,”

Rubin Reports:


Tim Blair

Obama makes him cry with admiration. Obama causes a thrill to travel up his leg. And now MSNBC’s leading Obama obsessive detects superheated gases in the president’s pants:

“Look at the steam in the man’s stride!” exclaimed Chris Matthews.

He has a steam. He has a vision.

13 thoughts on “Obama:'I Was Wrong To Promise An Undivided Jerusalem'”

  1. Jerusalem must never be divided. Islam has absolutely no historical claim on it.

    How about turning the tables and starting to lay claim to Saudi Arabia, where no Jews are allowed. Before Mo came along, about half the population of Medina were Jewish, so Jews actually have a much more legitimate historical claim to Saudi.

    Can you imagine the UN ever passing a resolution condemning the Saudis for not being prepared to give part of its land (which they stole) away?

    Same with all the Arab countries, which Islam took over. How about the Copts laying claim to Egypt, the Christians laying claim to Lebanon, where they are now an ever-dwindling minority.

    Time for a bit of reciprocity.

    As for Obama, words fail me! I always knew he would be bad, but he’s exceeded all expectations.

  2. Jerusalem will be trodden down by the gentiles (including Obama?), but only until the time of the gentiles is fulfilled (Luke 21:24). Tread very carefully, Barack!

  3. All presidents after Truman should not have been C.I.C.
    and the least capable one was & is beyond doubt; Obama.

  4. How typical of PC, MS left wing antisemitic Islamophile moonbats to be absolutely illogical and biased. They support the Mohammedan ARAB occupation of the Holy Land in where they only live by “Right of Conquest” then deny and condemn that SAME right to Israel. The same Israel which has LESS than 25% of what was the original region the Mandate of Palestine while the Mohammedan ARAB Invaders already have OVER 75% of the land and TWO States Syria and Jordan. We expect such HYPOCRISY from Mohammedans but left wing moonbats should know better.

  5. Realist,

    the whites in South Africa and former Rhodesia are nothing but pariahs.
    For the lame stream media, for our polit-props, they don’t exist. They are dead. They don’t matter. If you say something, you are ‘raaaccccist’.

    Everybody runs for cover.

    Mandela was such a saint, wasn’t he?

    And now, its the ‘Zionists’.

    I’m so proud to be one of them.

    And I spit on the scum who want to wipe us out.

  6. Think you posted this reply to me on the wrong thread Sheik but I get your meaning.

  7. Gary Rumain,
    In my view Carter was slightly a better president than Obama,
    Carter got wackier afterwards.

  8. The secret fund to the mujahadeen in Afghanistan was started under Pres. Carter. It wasn’t only Charlie Wilson’s war. This was the beginning of the world’s current madness or at least a huge fuelling of it..Carter the peace maker..yeah right.

  9. Cassandra,you’re right,it occurred in 1931,Saudi’s have no claim to the country except by force.

  10. The Arabs, the muslims or whatever you want to call those turds have no moral right or spiritual right to even an inch of land that belongs to Israel. Obama is running true to form. You have said that he is a liar and you know what, he knows it too. Everyone knows it except the dumwits who still believe his words and kiss his black arse. This man is the worst nightmare and the worst thing to ever happen to America. The Americans proclaimed his victory a historical event. What a bunch of suckers and losers. Israel has the right to do what it wants and when it wants and God bless Israel and a curse on all muslims for polluting this beautiful earth with their presence and satanic cult.

  11. amen to you Huddie ,
    we just seeing the begining of obama real face , this man have no clue what is he doing always pologizing for some thing he did or said , very uncertain ,confuse , trying to proove him self but he cant , but he is good in bounding down his head to those arab dictactor and pologizing to the muslim peoples . Its not going any better as long him and mrs clinton on the board , cant wait for november election to do the changes for American peoples and the world . enough lying and kisses asses wahington and mrs polossey what ever your mname is.

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