Samia Husain Decries "Anti Muslim Bigotry", Whines Over Burqa Ban…

From the Guardian (of Muslims) of course:

Not a word about the ever  increasing attacks on Jews; this mob is disturbed by the visible rise of anti-Muslim bigotry resulting in sporadic attacks on Muslims and their places of worship” for which there is little, if any evidence.

“Just a tiny bit of cloth”

Why politicians are so obsessive about a piece of cloth when it affects a tiny minority of women needs to be scrutinised beyond the explanations given (Belgium to introduce first European ban on burqa and niqab,). Is it not ironic for liberal societies to permit women to walk in a miniskirt and bikini top in the name of freedom, but ban the burqa and niqab under the same pretext? This can only indicate the shallowness of such a society.

Dr Samia Husain

There is a way out, Samia. Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you!

Sheik’s Solution:

Indeed: we don’t oppose a “tiny bit of cloth” in the right place. However, face masks that come with  a cult of misogyny, polygamy, FGM, Jew hatred and assassination of those who ‘blaspheme’ the pedophile mass-murderer Muhammad are OUT. We will keep them out and those who promote this madness. Proudly “shallow!”

2 thoughts on “Samia Husain Decries "Anti Muslim Bigotry", Whines Over Burqa Ban…”

  1. “Obsessing” over things such as piggy banks, dogs searching terrorist homes, dogs in cabs, UK lapel badges, church bells, crosses / crucifixes, “year of our Lord” on diplomas, non-halal food when a few muslims are present, cartoons of a false prophet, shared prayer rooms … the “obsession” never ends, until islam lifts its leg on every thing that causes the slightest offence, and fawning politicians seek to accommodate every “grievance” – in vain.

  2. I cannot understand why the rest of the world has not united to rid the world of these cursed, evil, nappy headed bastards. There is something so sinister about seeing a woman/ man dressed up in a tent, gliding around in our shopping centres. For all we know, they could be suicide bombers. These morons should either conform to our society or else they should be kicked out.

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