“PIGS’ stands for Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain.

These countries are in deep doodoo.

Financially, that is. Desperation makes strange bedfellows.

The sooner the EUrabian utopia and the Brussels circus collapses, the better.  The hangover will be painful, and the measures to reverse the idiotic megastate  allures of the Brussels bureaucrats  will cost dearly, but it will happen.

For now, however, HOPE still beats  reality, and Spain, one of the PIGS states, is trying a new trick that will only exacerbate the disaster. We only need to look towards the US to see how all that hopenchangin’ is working out. Sharia finance cannot work and will not work. The concept  doesn’t even work in Arabia. It is unworkable. But Western politicians, most of whom never held a job and couldn’t run a coffee shop, are selling the future of our kids down the gurgler. Signs of things to come:

Spain to be hub of Islamic finance – Examiner

Richard Shulman

Spain is close to the Islamic world, a gateway to Europe, and a connection with Latin America.  Saudi Arabian businessmen plan to establish Spain as a hub of global Islamic finance (IMRA, 4/27/10).

Islamic rules of finance are laid down by Sharia, Islamic law.  As I have reported, a speaker at a rally in New York explained that Sharia requires Muslim business to donate to charity, but these charities often are terrorist fronts.  Does the Spanish government realize this?  Does Spain know that Islamic doctrine holds that areas formerly conquered by Islam, including Spain, must be returned to Islam?  The same goes for Israel, but the Spanish king, Barry Chamish points out, has been traveling all over for years, on missions to assist Muslim claims to Israel.  He would be better advised to work with Israel to preserve his own country.  His country faces not just a simple change of religion, as it would be for, say, leaving Catholicism and entering Protestantism, but a loss of freedom and all sorts of cultural restrictions.

5 thoughts on “PIGS”

  1. Sheik,
    Brussels is filled with the pollies than no one wants! “Yes Minster” really hinted at the truth to a lot of business in the public service and that has been gleaned from discussions with people well up in the service!

  2. Hmm, I get the feeling that the saudi’s, with their immense financial clout, are doing all they can to disable Europe’s economy…. the reason? When it all goes tit’s up for us, we’ll have no other choice but to submit, at first to sharia finance, and eventually to full blown islamic rule.

    It’s not too late to stop it at the moment, but it will be in a couple of years. Now is the time to stop accepting easy money from the saudi’s in exchange for their ever increasing influence in our society. If our countries are that hard up, then I would rather go without than to wake up one day to find that all the women in my family must wear freedom sacks and a large amount of my salary going to an imam every month, under pain of death if I miss a payment.

    Islam is simply not compatible with the way the majority of us Westerners wish to live our lives, but as Pat Condell says: our opinion is no longer valid to our undemocratic fanatical leaders!!!

  3. They won’t stop with sharia finance – the mark for buying & selling is their ultimate goal.


    Laws changed by EU, to make funding terrorism that little bit easier!


    Treasury restrictions on State handouts to the wives of terrorist suspects are illegal, European judges ruled today.
    The decision may force the Government to change anti-terrorism rules following a legal case brought by three women whose husbands appear on a list of people said to have links with al Qaida, the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

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