Sharia, Child Brides & Child Abuse

Yet another Aisha story

Yemen: 2nd child bride hospitalized with genital injuries

Hamas child brides/mass wedding

The legacy of Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha. “Yemeni Bride, 11, Hospitalized with Genital Injuries,” by Lara Setrakian for ABC News

This is the second incident involving a child bride in the last week. A 13-year-old girl died after being sexually assaulted by her adult husband. Both girls were married in the country’s rural Hajja province.

“They say this is Islamic…and they declared jihad against… the UN treaty on women’s rights,” she said.  More>>

Iran: Four hanged, thief’s hand and leg amputated

Rome, 14 April (AKI) – Three convicted sex offenders were hanged in public in the northern Iranian city of Babolsar on Wednesday, the state run Iranian news agency Fars reported. A convicted robber had his hand and leg amputated and his accomplice was hanged in the southwest city of Mahsharhr on Tuesday, according to unnamed sources quoted by the Iran Human Rights website.  AKI

Senegal: Boys in many Quranic schools suffer severe abuse

(Dakar) April 15, 2010 — Tens of thousands of children at residential Quranic schools in Senegal are subjected to slavery-like conditions and severely abused, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Human Rights Watch urged the Senegalese authorities to regulate all Quranic schools and take immediate and concerted action to hold accountable teachers who violate Senegalese laws against forced begging and child abuse.

The 114-page report, “‘Off the Backs of the Children’: Forced Begging and Other Abuses against Talibés in Senegal,” documents the system of exploitation and abuse in which at least 50,000 boys known as talibés – the vast majority under age 12 and many as young as four – are forced to beg on Senegal’s streets for long hours, seven days a week, by often brutally abusive teachers, known as marabouts. The report says that the boys often suffer extreme abuse, neglect, and exploitation by the teachers. It is based on interviews with 175 current and former talibés, as well as some 120 other people, including marabouts, families who sent their children to these schools, Islamic scholars, government officials, and humanitarian officials.

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  1. That is completely horrible. Just to do that to children! They ought to be ashamed of themselves!

  2. And here we see it again.Islam is a “religion” wrote by men,FOR men.To hell with the small girls they take advantage off.Of course the men want it like it is with no changes.They live like kings.Bvadr.
    Islam is a mishmash of Religion,justice,politics,etc etc.

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