"Dream vanquished"

“Not enough humanity in Australia”

Slick Islam propagandist Waleed Aly jumps on a soapbox provided by the ABC:

Did you know that  welfare seekers from Afghanistan & Iraq & Africa do not arrive in Indonesia with the intention of moving on to Australia?

Spin it, Aly!

Cultural enrichers entry  ‘brutally’ prevented (or  just delayed?)

Here’s the answer:

135 more asylum seekers arrive on Christmas Island

5 thoughts on “"Dream vanquished"”

  1. I even heard one Canadian writer claim that immigration is important for Canada because immigrants will do many of the jobs that Canadians won’t do.
    If that is so then why are so many of the Muslim population on welfare rolls? I thought they were going to do those dirty jobs we won’t do?
    Ha! I have a dirty job. They can try doing mine. I’d gladly leave it if I could get a free handout.

    1. A ridiculous argument which is mindlessly repeated by so-called intellectuals with their heads up their asses.

      Last week I had an irate Muselmaniac from Germany throw the other chestnut at me, which has also been floating around for some time:

      if it wasn’t for Mohammedans, who would pay the pensions for the aging Germans who don’t breed?

      I shot back that nothing in the Koran mentions pension payments for infidels, all I found was plenty about jiziya and booty and how good it is to enjoy the stolen wealth from the kafirs.

      I haven’t heard back yet.

  2. Al-kidya,
    My country [NZ] is almost bankrupt..services are being slashed for the young , the elderly and the mentally unwell. At the same time as this is happening , a well known local ”revert” is demanding more free English language lessons for muslims..a new report out says that migrant women are most likely to get murdered by their partners..more money demanded there..The demand for money never ends.
    As everyone knows on this site , deficiency in English is not the major barrier to integration..the religion itself is. It is inherently aggressive.
    Muslim refugees pass several muslim countries to get to the very generous countries of Australia and New Zealand..where they recieve benefits , very cheap housing and every other manner of assistance..After five years of being here , they are almost all still on the benefit , still looking for handouts , still being helped by very naive Christians.
    And the old crock poverty is still being thrashed in the mainstream media…it seems they can almost do anything and some well meaning fool will wheel out the old poverty excuse. Most of us had ancestors who were poor but they never did these things.

  3. Sheik,
    Muslims contribute little if nothing to the social welfare coffers in Germany. Actually they grab the money out of the suitcase and do so out of proportion to their numbers!! Care to post the email of the musilmanaic who posted?

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