Brother Tariq in America

Tariq Ramadan, grandson of Hassan al-Banna & the Muslim Brotherhood’s propaganda minister  in Europe, is on an odyssey through America to sell Islam to unsuspecting kafirs

Don’t make too much of the “Oxford professor”, that seat for him at the University of Oxford has been bought  by  his sponsor, Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the emir of Qatar. It is to Oxford’s lasting disgrace that they have provided this dangerous and unpleasant fraud with such a prestigious showroom.

It is a position for which he is utterly unfit. Ramadan was once accurately described by the author Theodore Dalrymple as ‘the second-hand car salesman of Islamic fundamentalism’. From his new position at Oxford he will now be looked up to by students as unaware as their tutors apparently are of their new professor’s dubious intellect and his still more dubious opinions.  read it all>>

Charming, erudite, Muslim scholar, controversial? WTF? Tariq Ramadan is neither of that. He is nothing but an ENEMY AGENT, a propagandist for Islam.


MONTREAL – This charming, erudite Muslim scholar is secretly out to destroy the free world.

That pretty much sums up the message critics of Tariq Ramadan sent Thursday at a press conference on the eve of two lectures by the controversial Oxford University professor at the Palais des Congrès.

“Tariq Ramadan has come here to make sure our children become the fifth column against Western civilization,” Tarek Fatah, founder of the Canadian Muslim Congress, told the conference organized by Point de Bascule, a group opposed to Islamic fundamentalism.

Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy in Phoenix, Ariz., and Naser Khader, a Danish member of Parliament who is a secular Muslim, participated by Skype.

Controversy swirls around the handsome, eloquent Ramadan, a Swiss citizen who preaches that observant Muslims can make an important contribution to pluralistic Western society.

Islamic contributions:

Welfare fraud,  Polygamy, FGM, child rape, child marriage, terrorism, frantic mosque building, wife beating, crime, honor killings…. etc etc….

On his last visit in November, the organizers of Thursday’s press conference sponsored a full-page advertisement in Le Devoir accusing Ramadan of hiding his true views on Muslim fundamentalism behind a facade of moderation. That didn’t stop more than 800 people from attending the sold-out speech.

Jasser called Ramadan “a PR machine” whose goal is to promote Islamic regimes around the world.

“I would ask you not to take Ramadan at face value,” he said.

But Shelina Merani, Ottawa coordinator of Muslim Presence, an organization that promotes Ramadan’s ideas, said such charges are baseless.

“He’s trying to build bridges. They’re trying to burn the bridges,” she said of Ramadan’s opponents. (its draw-bridges we need/ed)

Last week, Ramadan visited the United States for the first time since 2004, when the Bush government barred him from entering for having made donations to a charity linked to Hamas, the militant Palestinian group. The Obama administration recently lifted the ban.

Critics say it’s almost impossible to nail down Ramadan on issues like the stoning of women. In 2003, Ramadan said in an interview he favoured a moratorium on the practice but refused to come right out and condemn it.

However, Fatah denied opponents want to prevent Ramadan from expressing his views.

“He should be allowed to speak but we have the right to expose him for what he is.”

Tariq Ramadan will speak in English on “Muslims in the West: Beyond Integration” at 6 p.m. at the Palais des Congrès in Hall 710. At 8:15 p.m. he will give a talk in French.

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  1. 4infidels | April 25, 2010 9:15 PM |

    Carlson on al-Banna:

    “I disliked him instantly and thoroughly. He was the most loathsome man I had yet met in Cairo.”

    Gee, I wonder why the US founding fathers didn’t think about the Koran as their constitution when they were fighting British Colonialism.

    Carlson, in Cairo to Damascus, wrote of meeting Ramadan’s grandfather (taken from a post at the Solomonia blog):

    Here Carlson (Arthur Derounian) finally gets a meeting with Hassan el Banna (al Banna), leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who lays out the Brotherhood’s plan for a new Caliphate. pp. 91-92:

    All that I had learned about Hassan el Banna and the unquestioned loyalty he inspired in his cutthroats only whetted my desire to meet him. It proved more difficult than I expected, because of his deep hatred of “Europeans.” Finally one day, accompanied by my friend Gamal, I walked into Ikhwan headquarters for my audience with the Supreme Guide.

    He approached us — a short, squat ratty-faced man with puffed cheeks and fleshy nose. He was dressed in European clothes — a black pinpoint double-breasted suit — and wore an extra tall tarboosh, which gave him the illusion of added height. His thin beard, running from ear to ear, crawled up, then down his upper lip like an ugly black hirsute vine. His manner was mousy and furtive. His eyes, beadlike and deepset, were like two dark slits across his face. We sat in the shade under the shield showing the Koran above a pair of crossed swords.

    The Moorshid spoke with a pious look on his face, his head bent slightly to the right, hands folded meekly in his lap. I disliked him instantly and thoroughly. He was the most loathsome man I had yet met in Cairo. Gamal sat next to us and faithfully interpreted.

    “The Koran should be Egypt’s constitution, for there is no law higher than Koranic law,” the Moorshid began. “We seek to fulfill the lofty, human message of Islam which has brought happiness and fulfillment to mankind in centuries past., Ours is the highest ideal, the holiest cause and the purest way. Those who criticize us have fed from the tables of Europe. They want to live as Europe has taught them — to dance, to drink, to revel, to mix the sexes openly and ion public.”

    I asked his views on establishing the Caliphate, the complete merger of Church and State — the Moslem equivalent of religious totalitarianism, as in Spain.

    “We want an Arabian United States with a Caliphate at its head and every Arab state subscribing wholeheartedly to the laws of the Koran. We must return to the Koran, which preaches the good life, which forbids us to take bribes, to cheat, to kill one’s brother. The laws of the Koran are suitable for all men at all times to the end of the world. This is the day and this is the time when the world needs Islam most.”

    I could not help making a mental note that the word “Christian” has been similarly used and with similar fanaticism among Western exponents of authoritarianism.

    “We are not eager to have a parliament of the representatives of the people,” the Supreme Guide continued, “or a cabinet of ministers, unless such representatives and ministers are Koranic Moslems. If we do not find them, then we must ourselves serve as the parliament. Allah and the religious councils will limit our authority so that no one has to hear dictatorship. We aim to smash modernism in government and society. In Palestine our first duty as Moslems is to crush Zionism, which is Jewish modernism. It is our patriotic duty. The Koran commands it.”

    He was silent, and then nodded, to indicate the interview was over. And with this Gamal and I took leave of Ikhwan’s Moorshid and Egypt’s Rasputin.

    “What do you think of our Moorshid?” Gamal asked.

    “He is a holy man,” I said.

    deflction from the real issue — worldwide jihad — is part of the strategy to deflect attention and confuse.

    It would be like Nazi Germany saying that the real reason they’re fighting the Allies is because the Allies want to take their land and resources, instead of the actual European/World domination objective. And please, think nothing of the Nazi’s obvious, naked aggression toward everyone. That’s of litte concern. Instead (the Nazi’s say on 60 Minutes), kindly direct your gaze toward the evil Allies…

    Sow enough doubt and confusion, and get enough people to believe the Allies are the “bad” guys and the Nazis are the “poor, oppressed victims,” the more they’re in control of the game.

    Hugh replied to comment from 4infidels | April 25, 2010 9:34 PM | Reply

    What an excellent excerpt you have found from John Roy Carlson’s (Arthur Derounian’s) second most famous book, “From Cairo to Damascus.” His most famous one, which was a great contribution to the war effort, was “Under Cover” about his life as an agent investigating pro-Nazi agents and sympathizers in the United States.

    Hassan Al-Banna whipped up crowds in Cairo to attack Jewish and Coptic-owned shops and their owners. Many will understand, and share, John Roy Carlson’s judgment: “I disliked him instantly and thoroughly. He was the most loathsome man I had yet met in Cairo.”

    But not his grandson. No, whenever he is asked about Hassan Al-Banna, Tariq Ramadan sounds a slightly mournful note of filial piety, and talks — listen closely, and you will hear it — about “my grandfather,” “my grandfather,” and with the implication that no one should be expected to distance himself from his “grandfather.”

    Oh no? Martin Bormann’s son distanced himself plenty from his father, and so have other children, and grandchildren, of Nazis. Those who have not, those who have stood loyally by their “grandfathers,” do not earn our respect but rather are now regarded as endorsing their fathers and grandfathers. There is nothing especially wonderful about standing about those who engage in, or encourage others to engage in, mass-murder. And that is what Hassan Al-Banna was all about, and what Tariq Ramadan, a smooth man, does not distance himself from and, we have no reason not to believe, agrees on ultimate goals, if not on how to state them or how to arrive at them, with his “grandfather” Hassan al-Banna.

    There are the credulous. There are the ignorant. There are those wishing to be deceived.

    And with such people, Tariq Ramadan has a field day.

    But then there are the rest of us, and with the rest of us, Tariq Ramadan is getting exactly nowhere. And since the Camp of “the rest of us” grows as knowledge about Islam’s texts, tenets, and history grows, as knowledge about taqiyya and tu-quoque grow, and as specific and detailed knowledge of the rhetorical tricks used repeatedly — first for French-speaking audiences, who have grown tired of his little games, and who have seen him shown up, in book form (“Frere Tariq” by Caroline Fourest) and in television debates (with Nicolas Sarkozy, at the very top of his form, and even more crushingly, with Alain Finkielkraut), and now for English-speaking audiences. Those who witnessed the debate in London, where Tariq Ramadan was the “Muslim” on a team of three opposed to another team of three on which the “anti-Muslim” was Ibn Warraq, know how, when Tariq Ramadan becomes rattled, he suddenly becomes vicious and hysterical, and it isn’t hard to say things that will make him hysterical and loose that practiced cool. He’s a liar, but not a sufficiently accomplished liar to be able to control his Islam-prompted reactions to statements about Muhammad, or about Islam itself. He can’t take it. Debaters and interviewers wishing to get him to drop the mask should take note. It really isn’t that hard.

    baseballmaven | April 25, 2010 10:49 PM | Reply

    Tarek Fatah vs Tariq Ramadan

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