The South African Genocide

Andrew Bolt

It might be called a genocide if the farmers were black

The murder of so many farmers would be huge news if it wasn’t for their colour…

Death has stalked South Africa’s white farmers for years.The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3,000

The grey-haired man with a beard and beige cardigan did not look like a revolutionary leader or a racist thug, though 67-year-old Eugene Terre’Blanche has been called both before.Telegraph UK

The vulnerability felt by South Africa’s 40,000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, head of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) youth league, opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, or Shoot the Boer [see video below], an apartheid-era anthem, that was banned by the high court last week.

Malema’s timing could hardly have been worse. Last weekend in the remote farming community of Colenso, in KwaZulu-Natal, Nigel Ralfe, 71, a dairy farmer, and his wife Lynette, 64, were gunned down as they milked their cows.

A list and pictures of some of the dead here.

More from Atlas Shrugs:

“The death of Mr Terreblanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for 10 years on end.”

Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), was found brutally and savagely bludgeoned to death at his farm in South Africa’s North West province. A 21-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy have been arrested and charged with his murder.

Tensions as Eugene Terreblanche killers appear in court

Racial tensions flared outside a South African court where hundreds demonstrated ahead of the appearance of two men accused of killing far-Right leader Eugene Terreblanche. Telegraph UK

More than 300 members of the white supremacist survivalist Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) faced up against hundreds of black people outside the court where two workers charged with the murder were to appear.

Every single headline calls Terreblanche a “white supremacist,” alluding to his position in the waning days of the apartheid government, thirty-odd years ago. But the real story here is not that Terreblanche was a “white supremacist” — if he really was (and I know how the left loves to throw around those labels). Whether he was or not, the man was brutally murdered, and I had to go through ten newspaper accounts to find out how he was murdered. The liberal media had to dehumanize him first. And not one newspaper account speaks of Black supremacism — yet that is the really important story in South Africa today. All I see in South Africa is Black supremacism. Terreblanche may have been a white supremacist, but he’s the dead one.

The white genocide is heating up in South Africa: South Africa race tension grows. The whites in South Africa are keenly aware of the plans to kill them, better known as “The night of the long knives.” They expect it to happen very soon after the death of Mandela, but to tell this to the world is a waste of energy. Atlas has been reporting on this horror that the savages in the media ignore…

The Eight Stages of Genocide are:
1.       Classification
2.     Symbolization
3.   Dehumanization
4.       Organization
5.      Polarization
6.       Preparation
7.    Extermination
8.              Denial

Genocide of White South Africans

Afrikaners targetted by unprecedented genocidal hate-crimes: Picture Album

Jihadis Incite South African Blacks to kill all Whites

Before the end of apartheid, South Africa had the largest suicide rate of white police officers – what the rate is now, only God knows. The white police officers committed suicide because they couldn’t deal with the carnage the blacks inflicted upon each other. Now those same blacks are free to inflict the carnage on any white person with little or no ramifications. Way to go liberals – you suck. And Nelson Mandela is a terrorist dressed in a suit with Oprah Winfrey on bended knee kissing the ground he walks on – disgusting.

The liberals in the world joined together to stop apartheid in South Africa, and when blacks took over rule, the liberals of the world abandoned South Africa with little or no mention of all that came next……the murder and rape of the white people who live in constant fear or have fled South Africa altogether. Way to go you bleeding heart liberals – another notch in your belt of totally screwing up civilization.

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  1. Well, actually it’s quite simple. Why doesn’t America take all the whites from South Africa and send all the blacks living in America back home, to the dark continent, AFRICA. It will solve a lot of problems for both countries.

  2. This is a worldly matter with a greater agenda than one could ever imagine. It all goes back to the 10 most powerful rulers of this world currently controlling the world and most of it’s polititians through their power and money…Their aim is very simple, to get rid of christianity and its values by trying to pollute it with anything evil of nature. The white minority people and South Africa use to be very religious and perhaps too generous towards the blacks, who worship ancestry and gods. For given power over to these blacks is nothing short of suicide and it has absolutely nothing to do with racism at all, but religion in fact. Israel is a living example of this….America will succumb to these 10 world leaders (who are too much of cowards to reveal their identity, as they will be surely killed for what they are doing against society) America’s massive debt balance will soon force it to it’s knees and these 10 coward/rich bankers/ satan worshippers will step in. The world is destined for the One World Goverment with their One World Religion and their is absolutely nothing me or you can do against it as it is already set out by One greater than the devil. Life is about good vs. evil/ God vs. Satan….ultimately the fight for the human soul.
    Wake up people and see the bigger/real picture!!!

  3. This is really sad, and two wrongs don’t make a right…but in the world of today this is simply considered as payback. The whites went to africa took over black land, killed and seperated the blacks from the whites giving them a very small portion of the land (when they were the majority) Enslaved them, beat them, gave bad education… And when they saw they were losing power and could do nothing about it, decided to sign a peace treaty… Did you really expect the blacks to be all forgiving after being tortured, killed and treated as nothing short of slaves? It is wrong for them to kill innocent people and revenge is never a solution…but it is not surprising. Africa is and will always be black land, and although they are taking it out on the wrong people…they’re just releasing years of oppression on the new generation of whites…and don’t forget that apartheid was ONLY 16years ago… it is not at all like the american slave trade. The whites shouldn’t ship the blacks in america back to africa simply because america does not belong to the whites, but to the native indians. And another example of whites going and taking what is not theirs while eradicating the natives.. So now america is no mans land, and belongs equally to whoever chooses to settle. Were blacks to leave america, so should whites.

  4. Vinnie,you are 100% right,the others still have to wake up,when,only when they see it happening.

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