UK: Number of Muslim MPs could double

UK: Number of Muslim MPs could double/Islam in Europe

Is Shahid Malik right?

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Up to a quarter of the 16 Muslim females standing as candidates at the next month’s general elections are in prominent positions to win parliamentary seats for the first time, according to an analysis carried out exclusively by The Muslim News.

The total number of Muslim MPs could also continue to double, including at least one of two Conservatives being elected for the first time. The first Muslim MP was elected in 1997, the second in 2001 and the number doubled again at the last election to four, all have so far been Labour.

Among Muslim women, Yasmin Qureshi, Shabana Mahmood and Maryam Khan have all been selected to defend Labour seats respectively in Bolton South East, Birmingham Ladywood and Bury North. Respect Party – Unity Coalition leader Salma Yaqoob also is seen as having an outside chance of capturing Birmingham Hall Green.

In addition among male candidates, three of the four incumbent MPs, Sadiq Khan, Shahid Malik and Khalid Mahmood are seeking re-election, while in Glasgow Central, Anas Sarwar is seeking to replace his father, Mohammad Sarwar, who is stepping down.

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  1. illegal immigrants, if that’s who you mean, just lie low. The UK passport website actually has a smiling muslim man’s face on it. You “can’t be British on a whim” is a critism you may have come across, levelled by BNP head Nick Griffin.

  2. It actually a question of priorities. Does the UK actually need MPs who put their own particular brand of superstition before the good of the country?

    Not to mention their political ideology, which is contrary to current law,
    so no doubt their first priority will be to change that law.

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