UK: Polit-Whores Still Working to Replace the Natives With a Mohammedan Proletariat

Maid of Kent questions the benefits of the Mohammedan invasion:

If Immigration Is So “Financially Beneficial,” Why Do the Lib/Lab/Con Parties not Suggest It for Poor Third World Nations to “Cure Poverty” There?

If mass immigration supposedly brings all sorts of financial benefits, why do the Liberal / Labour / Conservative parties not propose it as a solution to the poverty of the Third World, asks our correspondent Maid of Kent.

What the media refers to as “immigration” is in truth nothing other than a Government-sponsored invasion which is becoming the major topic in this election campaign, despite the best efforts of the other parties to ignore it.

“Invasion” can be defined as people from alien cultures intruding and encroaching on a settled indigenous population, forcing that population to make way for them and to adapt to their ways.

The other political parties are still trying to feed the British people the lie that this immigration invasion has ‘enriched’ Britain — even though it costs this country billions of pounds annually in benefits, translation services and public services.

The vast majority of immigrants are low skilled and contribute almost nothing to this country except to take jobs from British people.

Proof of this enormous financial cost to Britain is the fact that our country is bankrupt. Public services are no longer “affordable” and will be cut drastically whichever of the Tweedledee Tweedledum parties wins the election.

As Britons are slowly realising, the ‘enrichment’ of Britain through mass immigration doesn’t end with the fictitious financial benefits, but continues through to the fragmentation of our society, the elimination of the cohesion that formerly existed among the British people, the breakdown of law and order and the eventual but logical total destruction of British culture — and with it, the destruction of Britain as it was — the homeland of the British people.

While the other parties still chant the mantra of ‘enrichment through mass immigration’, the question must be asked: If mass immigration is really so financially rewarding for the country concerned, why are the politicians from the other parties not advocating mass immigration to ‘cure’ the poverty of Third World countries in Africa and Asia?

If it has been so ‘enriching’ for Britain, why not for the rest of the world? Puzzling — isn’t it?

Instead of promising billions in foreign aid — money that British taxpayers must borrow to give away –  the other parties should back their beliefs in the benefits of mass immigration by promising to assist Third World countries to attain this level of ‘enrichment’ by the same means.

The BNP proposes that such a programme could be kick-started by returning the 13.7 percent of foreign national criminals held in British prisons back to their lands of origin, closely followed by the millions of illegal immigrants and ‘asylum seekers’ who have crossed 20 safe countries to reach soft-touch Britain.

Perhaps it is not so puzzling that this ‘enrichment cure’ is not proposed by the other parties. They know what we know, namely that the mass immigration invasion of Britain has been detrimental to Britain on all levels.

Britain is possibly the only country in the whole world whose ‘representatives’ in Parliament have, for decades, betrayed them and schemed to replace them in favour of virtually anyone from around the world.

The fact that they have done so using lies and subterfuge, such as using taxpayers’ money to subsidise the employment of immigrants, is nothing short of treason.

This is a fact that the British people are slowly realising. Despite what the politicians from the other parties say, we only have to look around us to see the truth about the mass invasion of Britain.

Large areas of our towns and cities are now like foreign landscapes, taken over by foreigners who have not adapted to the British way of life but instead have replicated their homelands in our country.

There are around 8 million people officially classed as “economically inactive” (what they actually mean is unemployed), yet those British people who still have jobs are surrounded by foreign co-workers whose accents are so strong that they can barely be understood.

In our shops we are served by foreign workers who we cannot understand; in our hospitals we are surrounded by foreign patients and foreign care workers; when we phone private companies and local government services, the voice at the other end of the line is foreign and we struggle to understand a word they speak.

Our tiny country with a limited land mass and limited resources is full to overflowing, with our environment rapidly being destroyed by the overwhelming numbers needing homes and all the services that are expected in a civilised country.

Just what do these traitorous politicians from the other parties think is wrong with the British people that they felt we needed to be replaced en masse by alien people from other countries?

The British people who created a country which was the envy of the world replaced by people from failed Third World states — and this has been an ‘enriching’ process?

It is an interesting fact that the media, which headlines daily the problems caused by mass immigration, then demonises the only political party which through its policies seeks to address the problems.

The BNP, its policies and supporters offer no threat to long-term immigrants who accept that Britain is the homeland of the British people and their culture and who have integrated into British life, living amongst us peacefully and diligently. Many of us have friends and even family members who are immigrants or descendants of immigrants.

However, those who have not integrated should not believe that we are as weak and craven as the politicians from the other parties who have allowed and encouraged this desecration of Britain.

The British people are quiet and tolerant but when our backs are to the wall, we will fight ferociously for our British homeland.

The British Lion has not yet roared, but beware, because that day will soon be upon us.

Join us in our defiant ‘roar’ against the other political parties who have betrayed Britain and her people, and now cynically suggest that they have the answers to solve the problems which they created.

The ‘cure’ for what ails our nation is not more of the poison that is destroying Britain, but a complete reversal of the ideological agenda responsible for this destruction.

2 thoughts on “UK: Polit-Whores Still Working to Replace the Natives With a Mohammedan Proletariat”

  1. The bonhomie of London, my home town, has gone.

    I am a bit claustrophobic so on buses I can’t handle the window seat as it’s too squashed in and I need an ailse seat and so I say “please can I get out, I am claustrophobic?”

    When I ask this of our enriching immigrants they either laugh or pick a row. I win mind you, I tell anyone foreign that in England that they should not be so harsh as the UK ppl themselves aren’t like this and smile.

  2. @ Anne Frank – I know what you mean about buses in London, I usually stand right at the front of the bus even when empty because of a nasty incident a little while ago. Some african sat in front me and a friend, and we were looking through some pictures on my phone – this african took offence to us laughing at the pictures and tried to stab me in the arm. Fortunately it wasn’t a knife, just a key so I ended up with a fairly bruised arm but could have been a lot worse. Apparently “fun” is now an offence punishable by violence or death when our lovely guests are around, and the once lovely atmosphere around the capital is now replaced by tension and intimidation!

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