We got mail!

From Mohideen…


Your Namemohideen


Message: I fucked your girls hard. Can you ask her about my lengthy strong penis. You are shit of me. If you dare write to me. Show your mouth I will insert my penis, enjoy the salty taste.
good ,luck

9 thoughts on “We got mail!”

  1. Fremont, not too far from San Francisco, so probably knows all about the salty taste 🙂

    IP Address:
    ISP: Hurricane Electric
    Region: Fremont (US)

  2. Stupid arselifters aren’t allowed to have a sense of humour. I wonder if he’ll enjoy all the spam he’s going to now get?

  3. Ahh Gays dont you just love them (actually no not at all) especially Mohammedan Gays who dont exist just like Queen Victoria declared that Lesbians dont either. LOL

  4. Well, you’ve got to hand it to him/her: He can spell. That’s highly unusual in this kind of message. Unheard of, almost.

  5. My, my what an imagination! You speak the language of your god, the very same god whom you are trying to avenge with these words. Isn’t this the god who sent his message to your cult leader?

  6. Actually he can spell simple words but his sentence construction sucks! No surprises here – the girls are probably just amusing themselves!

  7. Why are muslims so fixated on penises/penis size/raping white women?
    Rhetorical question.

  8. WERE THE WOMEN YOU FUCKED HALAL? Stick to your goats and lambs, you don’t have to get off and kiss them occasionally.

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