Update from the RoP:

Seattle cartoonist can’t cope, afraid of  “backlash”

Molly is shaken: “I’ve had some death threats from Muslims on Facebook and e-mail,” she said.

Some people really do deserve the burqa.  Yours truly gets death threats every day. If it wasn’t for this genocidal jihad BS I could actually do something much more interesting and have some fun.

Molly, you are a twit! That’s why its important to  Support ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’

CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab suggest we should all hate Jews instead. (Being a Muslim, they just can’t have it any other way) He forgets that the Arabs have been vilifying Jews for centuries, but never mind, “the show must go on”, he sez.

Ahmed hot & bothered:

“You won’t for example find 60,000 people promoting a day of drawing racist or anti-Semitic cartoons, even though they would have the right to do so under freedom of speech–at least not without a public backlash.”      More about Ahmed? Read it here….

Raped by America/naked in Luisiana

Shafiq Mohamed tells cops Allah told him to walk around naked/He said that “America raped him” and this was the way to save himself. News Time has more

South African weekly prints Motoon

(Reuters) – A South African weekly on Friday published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad complaining that his followers lack a sense of humor, angering Muslims and raising fear of reprisal attacks during next month’s World Cup.

UK:  Tearful Granny Loses Battle To Fly The Flag

A grandmother says she was reduced to tears by council officials who took down St George flags she had put on lampposts outside her home.  SKY NEWS

Switzerland: Cheese causes terrorism

The rise of green terror: The green movement is the home of the modern totalitarian – and saving the planet sure excuses a little terrorism….

Arsonist Suffers Burns from Attack over Cartoons…

Imbeciles. They were driven by hatred against Lars Vilks. But the arson attack against the artist’s house almost cost one of them their life. ROP/Islam in Europe

Netherlands: ‘I prefer my wife not take a taxi.. the driver might be Moroccan’

Is he right? You tell me….

Netherlands: Non-Western immigration Muslim invasion  costs 7.2 billion euro a year

Don’t we have better use for that money?

88 YEAR-OLD NAVY VETERAN ordered to take down American flag from outside his home

No need for flag & country. America is no longer a Christian country. Now that we got the Obamessiah, what else does one need? Barenaked has more

Churches Destroyed in Nigeria…

Two churches belonging to the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), a Baptist Church, and a pastor’s house have been demolished by Fulani youths in Kano State, northern Nigeria, after a few members of the Muslim community objected to their existence. H/T ROP

While we wouldn’t dare say ‘boo’ to a Muslim here, Christians are persecuted in a Muslim country

Since 2003, Iraq’s Christian community has been subjected to assassinations, kidnappings, extortions and rapes. Over half of the estimated 1.5 million Christians in Iraq (less than 4 per cent of the population) have fled to Syria, Jordan and elsewhere. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom… Read More

Pali Work Accident

Pal News fiction:

Gaza – Ma’an – Two teenage Gaza residents were killed by Israeli forces as they snuck out of the Strip allegedly looking for work, Palestinian medics said on Friday.


They were “looking for work” with AK 47 rifles and suicide belts.

Pakistan: Twitter, Facebook & Youtube banned for “sacrilegious content”

What do you expect from a failed nation that was built on nothing but Islam?

Moe’s Night Journey

Aisha said the prophet never left his bed that night and snored like a walrus…..

Italian MEP Gabriele Albertini calls European trip “an anti-Israel propaganda mission.”

BRUSSELS -An Italian centre-right member of the European Parliament decided on Thursday to quit an official delegation due to visit Israel next week because he feels his fellow MEPs are too “anti-Israeli.”

Rather than a peacekeeping mission, it looks like an anti-Israeli propaganda mission is being prepared,” Albertini, a former mayor of Milan, said. J’Post Great. I love this guy!