Ban the burqa?

What would our world look like if Muslims were given complete freedom to practice their religion?


Muslim clerics in Lucknow expressed their displeasure at the French President Nicolas Sarkozy for terming the burqa as an index of subjugating women, and said Muslims must be given complete freedom to practice their religion.

“It’s an attack on freedom of humanity”

(note once again, please, that Muslims only consider Muslims as human. Unbelievers are  “things najis”, filth, vermin, sons of apes and pigs and “killing unbelievers is a small matter to us…”)

If Muslims are living in their country, then the Muslims must be given complete freedom to practice their religion; else declare it a Christian theocratic country so that all the Muslims would leave,” said Maulana Kalbe Jawad Naqvi, a senior Shia Muslim cleric.

(Gee, what a simple solution! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?)

Andrew Bolt:

I think the initial argument given by Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is a bit silly, but his concern over the role of the burqa here is one that some of the Left now share, too:

Burqa Diversity

Ban the Burqa

Gunman disguised in burka and sunglasses robs cash courier

The burqa is no longer simply the symbol of female repression and Islamic culture, it is now emerging as the preferred disguise of bandits and n’er do wells.

In Sydney this morning a man was robbed by a burqa wearing bandit who further disguised his (or her) identity by wearing sunglasses. The bandit was described by police as being of “Middle Eastern appearance”.

It also establishes a different set of rules and societal expectations in our hitherto homogenous society.

That’s not all:

Delhi: Woman in burqa causes security alert on plane

Well of course he was (assuming it was a he) because the only characteristics the victim could see were the burqa and the sunglasses. Now unless the sunglasses had ‘made in Iran’ stamped on them, it’s fair to say that the ‘Middle Eastern appearance’ line was attributed to the head to toe veiling of the Islamic burqa.

In my mind, the burqa has no place in Australian society. I would go as far as to say it is un-Australian. To me, the burqa represents the repressive domination of men over women which has no place in our society and compromises some of the most important aspects of human communication.

Meanwhile in Italy:

A Muslim woman queuing at a post office in Italy has been fined £430 for wearing a burka in public. Amel Marmouri was spotted by police and penalised in the first case of its kind in Italy.

The 26-year-old Tunisian lives in Novara – 50km (30 miles) west of Milan – where the mayor brought in laws banning clothing that ‘prevents the immediate identification of the wearer inside public buildings, schools and hospitals’.

Husband Ben Salah Braim, 36, said: ‘We knew about the law and I know that it’s not against my religion but now Amel will have to stay indoors. I can’t have other men looking at her.’

The law had two purposes, said mayor Massimo Giordano – a member of the Northern League, which wants a clampdown on immigration and the building of mosques.

‘I signed the new regulations for reasons of security but also so that people who came to live in our city are aware and respect our trad itions,’ he said.

‘”…This is the only way to stop behaviour that makes the already difficult process of integration even harder.’

Muslim groups today agreed the law must be respected.

‘We have always said we are against face veils or coverings in Italy bec ause the law of recognition has to be observed,’ said Imam Izzedin Elzir, president of the Islamic Community and Organisations Union in Italy.

In Belgium:

The Belgian parliament’s vote to ban the burka could set the stage for similar moves across western Europe, where citizens fear that growing Muslim populations may pose a threat to liberal and secular values.

Nicolas Sarkozy, French president, who has repeatedly said the burka is “not welcome” in his country, has ordered a bill that would forbid its appearance in public places. Politicians in the Netherlands and Italy have pushed for such measures.


Italian woman fined for wearing burqa in public

‘I’ll Have to Keep Her Indoors Now’, Says ‘Burqa Husband’…/RoP

A husband has vowed to keep his wife indoors after she became the first woman in Italy to be fined for wearing a burka in public.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news


Suspected polygamist accused of domestic violence

7 thoughts on “Burqa”

  1. Keysar wades in, plays “race” card:


    Aust burqa ban dismissed as ‘ignorant’

    [Writing on his personal blog, outspoken South Australian senator Cory Bernardi referred to a burqa-clad man who robbed a Sydney shop, commenting that the veil was now “emerging as the preferred disguise of bandits and n’er do wells”. ]

    [Islamic Friendship Association’s Keysar Trad rejected the call as ignorant.

    Wearing the burqa actually encouraged women to integrate into Australian society, whereas a ban would only force them indoors where they’d “miss out on the vitamin D”. ]

    (Vitamin D when wearing a tent?)

  2. What would we have?

    We wouldn’t have anyone to make fun of anymore, would we?

    Which reminds me…May 20th…mark this date in your calendars.
    This is “Let’s all Draw Mohammad” Day around the world.
    “The People’s Cube” had some excellent renderings of the puppet-prophet but in a very friendly light: “Everybody Draw a POSITIVE Mohammed Day”.

  3. ‘Husband Ben Salah Braim, 36, said: ‘We knew about the law and I know that it’s not against my religion but now Amel will have to stay indoors. I can’t have other men looking at her.’

    Why, Ben? Is she ugly?

  4. Who on earth would want to look at a woman with a slit clitoris. It is best that they are all hidden from view for the general good of the community. Has one gone near a burqa woman. Try the smell.

    Ask Doctors and others who have to treat burqa clad women. That is why Muslim women require Male doctors to examine them from afar with a stick or rod. The stench could often be awful.

    Their men of course must be ennamoured by the smell and probably it has aphrodasiac properties which give the men a long stand.

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