Compo Jihad: "Hurt Feelings" Rewarded

Woman wins $16k after water park shame

Sometimes they win, sometimes we lose: Check the 9MSM spin: “water park shame”.

Mullah connects the dots:

As noted with the recent go-kart death, it is impossible to have a legal defence against muslims – permit them & you lose; bar them and you lose:

A court has awarded an Islamic woman $16,000 in compensation, as well a written apology, after the woman and her friends were not allowed to go on water rides at Perth’s Adventure World because of their religious clothing.

Pakeeza Shaikh was awarded the money this month after she complained to the Equal Opportunity Commission that the group had been victims of discrimination and embarrassment at the park last February, The West Australian reported.

She complained that they had been humiliated about covering up their bodies, in three-quarter length pants and long shirts, for religious reasons.

It is understood that the money has been divided between the five Islamic families who visited the park as a group.

They apparently rejected earlier offers of financial compensation until the deal included a written apology.

The Islamic Council of Western Australia said it was the park’s fault for not providing any signs or rules regarding appropriate dress.

“There were no signs to say what type of dress you can wear,” spokesman Rahim Ghauri told ninemsn.

“We have to abide by the law of the land in Australia, but if there’s no signs how can you blame the person?”

Last year, Ms Shaikh told The West Australian that her group of friends was told if they entered the water in their clothes then chlorine levels would have to be increased to counter the unsanitary effect of their clothes.

They were also told that their clothing was too dangerous to wear on the waterslides, as it could get caught in the joints.

However, there were no signs or documentation to prove that the swimwear was inappropriate or banned.

The Equal Opportunity Commission said it could not comment on the case, but confirmed to The West Australian that a recreation park had apologised to an Islamic group and paid $16,000 in compensation.

The commission said that the park was planning on reviewing its clothing rules and that it had offered free entry passes to the group.

12 thoughts on “Compo Jihad: "Hurt Feelings" Rewarded”

  1. If the park has to pay no matter what they do, why not go ahead and warn them, then let them wear what they want. You might have to pay the relatives for the deaths but since you will be screwed over no matter what you do, at least that particular group won’t be back. Unless you believe in dead zombies animating back to life. Or pagan moon-gods, or….well you get my drift.

  2. I bet the Mohammedans will be queuing at the gates to get their ‘compo’ after this latest but of Judicial insanity.

  3. No signs to tell them about which clothes they can’t wear – maybe common sense would tell them .
    So , Ozzies’ tax money given to aliens who have no idea of joining in your Ozzie life .
    It’s a great shame .
    I was reading about Dandenong on your site – something about what has happened to Dandenong .
    A great shame – I stayed there when I first went to Oz 40years ago –
    I met a lot of nice Ozzies there , drank a lot of beer and had a good time .
    Later I moved to Abbotsford – in the local pub there was an old guy who always used to say , ” This is God’s own country ”
    I used to think , ‘Silly old fool ! ‘ but I realised later that he was right .
    I hate to see what’s happening to Europe – I think maybe if I went back to Oz , I’d be saddened too .

  4. Common sense and muslim morons do not mix. The idiots demanded an apology – well they have not deserved one.

  5. @kaw: Re: “Common sense and muslim morons”
    Still underestimating the enemy? They are not the morons, the courts are.
    Why the hell couldn’t the judge have said that anyone wearing totally inappropriate clothing must learn to deal with being humiliated.?

  6. If I were the park administrators I would invite the back and give them FREE passes but I would make sure that I had a sign up “BIG PRINT” stating “NO ISLAMIC ATTIRE ALLOWED INSIDE THE WATER PARK”.
    If these people showed up wearing inappropriate clothing I would be turning them away…FREE passes or not.
    That would certainly look good on them.

  7. * Will it happen here?

    If it hasn’t already – they do it in US theme parks.

  8. If they want to wear Islamic attire, go ahead an do that, just not at public pools/water parks. You can’t just march into a non-Muslim country and demand that you be understood everywhere you go. Plus, according to Islam, it is sinful to even look at people who aren’t wearing Islamic attire, so how is it okay for the Muslim family to go to the said pool? Mind you, I was born Muslim, but the older I got, the sillier it felt. I wear/eat/drink whatever I want, and I pray in my heart, to my God. I also most certainly will never enforce my beliefs on others.

  9. Agreed gsw,
    I suggst that tzhe court officials who gave these parasites 16k be found, and relieved of their jobs.

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