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France: Police fear having to enforce veil ban

Can’t blame ’em. There are places in Paris where you wouldn’t dare  step out of your car. There are some 780 “no go zones” in France, and its getting worse by the day.

Sharia Enforcement Brigades

Yannick Danio, national delegate for the Unité SGP-Police union, says it’s laughable having to explain to Muslim women that wearing the veil violates the principles of the Republic., and like a number of his colleagues, he wonders how the law would be enforced. Read more »

Antwerp: Court rules company can fire woman for wearing headscarf

Anti-dhimmitude needs encouragement:

According to the Antwerp (Belgium) labor court, the wearing of religious clothing or symbols at work is not part of the protected ‘faith’ criteria in the anti-discrimination law. Read more »

Berlin: Court rules against Muslim prayer (rooms) in school

Last year a Berlin court ruled that the 16-year-old Muslim could pray in a private room at his school. Now a higher Berlin court has overturned that judgement, saying the prayers could disturb school peace.Read more »

UK: Muslim group objects to Zionism in schools


They don’t object to Judaism, per se, but rather to one of its basic principles (Zionism might not be ‘part of the Jewish faith’, but the Land of Israel is). What’s the difference between saying you have nothing against Jews, just their deeply held beliefs, and saying you have no trouble with Muslims, but rather with the religion they practice?

A Muslim campaign group has written to the new Education Secretary Michael Gove to object to state-aided Jewish schools promoting Zionism.  Read more »

No Jews have written to the Education Secretary asking that Muslim schools stop teaching Islamic jihad….

Netherlands: Wilders’ Mohammed cartoon censored

An election stunt by Dutch daily De Telegraaf has gone awry as Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is accusing the paper of censorship. Read more »

Netherlands: Muslim org launches “Really Dutch” campaign

Muselmanic females know all about being Dutch:

The Muslim women’s organisation Al Nisa (Arabic for “the women”) launch their “Really Dutch” campaign on Wednesday.

A spokeswoman says they are using humorous posters to combat prejudices about Muslim women. And at the same time giving the social debate about Islam a face.   Read more »

2 thoughts on “EUro news, EUrabia jihad”

  1. Islam is an ideology that has been the historic enemy of Europe and the West, for the last 1000 years. It still is.

    What we see here is an attempt at disguise- a Taqqiya. Having failed in the campaign to force Europe to accept Dhimmification, this is simply another strategy to make Islam acceptable as European. It can never be, just as Shintoism, Hinduism, or other cultures from outside Europe, can ever be European.

    We may tolerate them as long as they do not pose a threat, but they can never be European as Christianity, Greco-Roman, are part and parcel of European civilisation. Just eating raw herring does not make a Muslim, European or Dutch. The very idea that a historic enemy is making such a claim, should be enough to alert one of deception (Taqqiya) in operation.

    Now Hindus and Japanese are realistic enough to accept this, in fact have no claims of ownership of Europe, but Muslims are not – therefore they pose a threat.

    Muslims will continue to batter at the gates, as they have done for the last 1000 years. In the past it was Muslim armies, now it is the cultural battering ram they are employing.

    Sooner or later, this enemy that employs the battering ram, like their ancestors, will have to be removed from Europe. Period. There is no other way.

  2. Italy: Jailed imam’s lawyer ‘amazed’ at asylum

    Milan, 27 May (AKI) – The Italian government’s decision to grant political asylum to convicted terrorist Abu Imad has astonished his defence lawyer. “I am very surprised, in fact amazed, considering the crime for which he has been convicted,” said Carmelo Scambia.

    The former imam at Milan’s central mosque was jailed in April and will have to serve the first eight months his sentence in prison before being allowed to do community service, Scambia said.

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