"Restraint" Rewarded

Gateway Pundit:

Change! NATO Commanders Want New “Courageous Restraint” Award to Honor Those Who Avoid Using Their Weapons

When did Code Pink take over NATO?

Trained killing courageously restrained machines (Daily Mail Photo)

NATO Commanders are pushing for a new “courageous restraint” award to recognize and celebrate the troops who exhibit extraordinary courage and self-control by not using their weapons even when their lives are at risk. The AP reported>>>

Lesson learned: Senior in High School Travels to Mexico to Learn How to Smuggle Human Beings… Comes Home in Coffin (Video)

Rev. Franklin Graham Accuses Obama Administration of Hostility Toward Christians (Video)

The Jews aren’t too happy with Obama, either. If his administration would stop cracking greedy Jew jokes in public, that might help.

The “System” Worx: We’re in the best of hands.

Drudge reported:   US officials lost track of the Times Square bomber after tracking him for hours. He was allowed to board a plane to Dubai.   The AP reported>>

El Rushbo: Bloomberg & Obama Disappointed Bomber Wasn’t a Tea Partier (Video)

From the Rush Limbaugh website:  Bummer. The Times Square bomber wasn’t a 40 year-old white male tea partier after all.

Unbelievable. State Run Media Completely Lost On Motive Driving Faisal Shahzad To Blow Up Times Square

The result of higher education in the US of A…..

It’s as if 9-11 never happened.
It’s as if the word “jihad” is completely foreign to them.
It’s as if they’ve never been warned about this threat to American security.

The  AP is perplexed. The news organization has no clue why a college educated Pakistani-born US Muslim would want to blow up Times Square in New York City. It’s as if this was the first time ever they’ve witnessed something like this.   This is like stepping into a Twilight Zone movie.  They really can’t be that blind. Can they? And yet, unfortunately, we have a president who is just as clueless to this threat facing America.

(I disagree totally. Obama is a Muslim. He is the Manchurian candidate. He is not clueless, he does what he does deliberately…/ed)

2 thoughts on “"Restraint" Rewarded”

  1. I don’t think they are clueless. They know the deal- so did Pres Bush.

    The real tough question is, what to do, if we as a society acknowledge that Islam and most Muslims in one way or other, were waging war on the West.

    Once we have acknowledged that fact, it will be absurd to leave it at that. The public will demand action. So what actions are available

    1. Deport all Muslims, regardless whether they have committed a crime or not.

    2. Wage war on the islamic world – to what end?

    Its a tricky one, that we will have to address and find an answer to. Thankfully, Muslims are making that easier for us, or else would be stumped.

  2. In the meantime, we can view the liberal subterfuge and blinkered approach, as biding time, till an answer appears, or is provided.

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