"Voluntary Coast Guards" Dearly Missed

Pirates missing

The Russkies know how to deal with pirates:

Somaliland Press, via Free Republic

Russian Soldiers Stormed Ship & Executed All of Our Men

“The Russians never released the young men instead they shot them point-blank range then loaded their lifeless bodies back on the boat”

The Russian media reports say pirates released on the open sea after hijacking a Russian oil tanker last week never made it ashore and are likely dead.

The Somali pirates will likely think twice before the hijack another Russian ship.
Russian soldiers stormed the MV Moscow University and executed all of the pirates after securing the ship.

Pirates ‘have all died,’ Russia says, after decrying ‘imperfections’ in international law

Pic thanks to ZIP

Somalia: Hizbul Islam  (that’s the ruling faction) rebels reject UN anti-piracy plan/too important to give it up. Its the only economy they have……. and they still keep the hostages….. What will Al Sharpton say now?

No love for Pals:

Egyptian navy kills Palestinian fisherman deliberately

The son of the Palestinian martyr continued talking “The corvette retreated when he made sure that my father has lost his life”.

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