Celebrating Diversity: Muslims Stone Israeli Dance Group in Germany

“Intercultural day” in Hanover Sahlkamp:

I’m sure these misunderstanders of Bob Dylan’s “everybody must get stoned” got their peaceful religion all wrong, what say you?

Arab and Turkish ‘youths’  caused a serious anti-Semitic incident last Saturday. After the program was presented it was announced that among other things a group with Israeli dancers should perform. When the dancers of the liberal Jewish municipality came on the stage, they were attacked by stone-throwing  Arabic and Turkish children who shouted: “Jews out”. (more in German from PI)

In German from Die Hannoversche Allgemeine

Me thinks there should be a ‘backlash…’

19 thoughts on “Celebrating Diversity: Muslims Stone Israeli Dance Group in Germany”

  1. Germans tell me the German government has never let them forget the Nazi period – they have been told over and over again about the horrors of the Holocaust – never again etc .
    What is the German Government going to do about this ?

  2. Will most German media outlets be straining to find a way of portraying the perpetrators of this vile act as white supremacist skinheads? After all, the cuddly followers of Mo would never do anything so vile as stone a bunch of Jews, because they are completely peace-loving. Our Mohammedans are so peaceful that here in the UK 300 of them went on to attack the police in London on Sunday having been whipped into a frenzy up by an inflammatory speech delivered by George Galloway: http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2010/06/george-galloway-rides-islamist-tiger.html

  3. * stone-throwing Arabic and Turkish children who shouted: “Jews out”

    I think that shout has been heard in Germany before, with consequences for the shouters, as well as those shouted against.

  4. That’s a great of the girl booting the pig, I get a warm happy feeling every time I see it!

  5. Now Angela Merckel lets see what you are made off.
    This Turkish youth saw what Erdogan did and this is a result.
    Now just like the Palestinians youth throwing rocks at the Israeli soldiers.
    I wonder when is the bomb going to burst.
    Street fights coming up all over cities in Europe, UK and USA?
    It is going to be an ugly scene.

  6. Yes, I like the pic of the Aryan girl kicking the Arab pig out of Germany as well.
    I sure hope it comes down to that before there is another holocaust.
    I can’t see going to war over in Europe again. The last one was way too costly in human life.

  7. If Europe does not act, and fast, pretty soon there will be no Europe left as anything other than lines on a map. As for any Jews still in Europe, may I humbly suggest it is time to make aliyah?

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  9. Why Luke, I personally don’t like muslim thugs taking their bullshit on our citizens.

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    Typo in “join the discussion…”

    In “If it wasn’t for the media and da Jooozzz, we wouldn’t even know its happening”, “its” should be “it’s”.


  11. Kick Islam out of Europe and out of the Mid-East as well for a chance of peace for the rest of us on this planet. Mo and his cult of barbarians are waiting to get their hands of the Atomic genie so they can threaten the world. I hope Israel takes them out before they put the toy together. Every problem in the Islamic world they blame everyone else,the Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians anyone but Moslem’s ! Look at Saudi, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia every place is stuck in time back in the barbaric age of Mo. The time has stopped, progress has stopped all in the name of Allah which again is a stolen idea and stolen G*d from old Egypt ! the total cult is a fake and Islam should be treated like a Mental problem and they should all be committed to a mental healthcare facility. The children should be taken away from the parents so they don’t grow up into exploding Mo followers.

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  13. You should also put the photos of Israeli soldiers attacking Turkish civilians on international waters.

  14. Yes “Israel attacks”,
    Go right ahead and post your photos!!! Bloody islamic twat.

  15. Most followers of Islam are just people and just want the same thing you do, a good life, a home and a future for their children. Radical Islam on the otherhand is a danger to the West as is the notion of the European Union, the United Nations, Bilderbergers, CFR/TC, Club of Rome, etc and the march to Global Governance. Put Islam in it’s proper place and maintain Europe and the West. Exterminate the Collectivist Global Elite threat and the problems of Islam will be brought into the proper focus. Islam is just one more tool being used and manipulated to create the Communitarian Dystopia that the Global Elite wish to bring to all of us, including our fellow people of the book, the followers of Islam.

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