"Final Solution" Coming?

Turkish ambassador calls for engaging Hamas in “final solution” negotiations

Islamization Watch presents:

Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan is looking for a ‘final solution’ on the Israel issue!

‘For a final solution, you cannot ignore Hamas. That’s what we are saying,’ said Ambassador Namik Tan. ‘This is not the first time that we are trying to bring this into the discussion. We have told this to the Israelis, to our American friends, to our international interlocutors, everyone. How could you imagine a final solution without Hamas?

Indeed. Sheik yer’mami supports a Final Solution.  Exterminate Hamas!

Mullah’s orgasmic:

Iran: Former parliament speaker says jihad flotilla “the beginning of the end for Israel”

He also called Israelis “enemies of humanity.” And he wonders which country is “the real danger” in the region. That’s easy: the one spouting genocidal rhetoric. Also, the one sponsoring Hizballah and Hamas, and pursuing a nuclear program whose level of secrecy and subterfuge alone easily belies any “peaceful” pretenses. “The beginning of the end for Israel’,” from Iran’s PressTV, via Jihad Watch

As world berates Israel on flotilla, Turkey true aggressor

With so much coverage of this story, and most of it attacks on Israel, the media failed to report on the real story behind the “freedom flotilla” and that is Turkey, which used to be the most advanced, modern Islamic country. Turkey knows about the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. They know that Israel and Hamas are in a state of war. They have willfully sent these ships to challenge Israel, knowing full well that some of the people on the ships will be in harm’s way.

Turkey is doing what every other Arab country has done for over 60 years: Attack Israel, incite its people against Israel to hide problems within the country itself. It worked miracles for every Arab country in their efforts to control the masses.

The media, reporters, columnists and commentators fail to see what is happening as they are so busy focusing on Israel alone.  LFP has more

Has the World lost its mind?

Carl in J’lem:

Israelis watch with cynical astonishment as the U.N. Security Council urgently convenes to create a Commission of Inquiry—yet another anti-Israel kangaroo court—even as the sanctions effort against Iran’s nuclear program falters. They contrast the banner headlines in the world’s media over the flotilla with the barely noted news item of recent days that Tehran now has enough uranium for two nuclear bombs. And as some self-described friends of Israel are publicly wondering whether the Jewish state needs to be “saved from itself,” Israelis reciprocate the outrage and ask: Has the world lost its mind?

Read the whole thing.

Turkish economy hurt by Israeli boycott

Couldn’t happen to nicer people:

Did I mention to you that Israelis have stopped going to Turkey? Yes, nearly all Israelis have canceled their trips to Turkey this summer and apparently that’s a real disaster for the Turkish tourist industry. Here’s a report (in Hebrew) from Israel’s Channel 2. For a summary in English and more on this story go here.

Ask yourself: ‘What would we do’?

Danielle Pletka asks a question that all Americans who oppose Israel’s actions against theflotilla of fools ought to think about (Hat Tip: Michael Rubin).

On Tuesday, I posted a short pieceover at the American Enterprise Institute’s blog asking what we would do if a flotilla made its way toward Guantanamo to deliver aid and comfort to the victims of American aggression, illegal detention or some such. And if that flotilla ignored warnings to turn away and refused to allow U.S. security to board peacefully to examine the contents. And if, once boarded, those on the boats attacked our servicemen. It hasn’t happened — yet. But why not?

After all, the flotilla wasn’t really about the Palestinians. If it were, then why not float a shipment to the refugee camps in Lebanon? And it’s not really about rights. If it were, then why not protest Hamas’ treatment of girls in U.N. Relief and Works Agency camps? The spokeswoman for the flotillamade clear that the mission was more about Israel than it was about actually helping anyone; indeed, the flotillarefused to dock for inspection and transportation of goods to Gaza (maybe they were worried someone would thinkbulletproof vests and night-vision goggles were not educational). It’s not even about getting food and medicine to the Palestinians, something Israel facilitates already.

Read the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “"Final Solution" Coming?”

  1. Israel was in a no-win situation, according to Iran
    (from Iran’s PressTV)

    [“Israel had only two solutions: one, to allow the ships to go to Gaza, and the other one was what they did. In both cases, they would have been defeated. If they had allowed the ships to reach Gaza, they would have lost their power…

    “In the other case, that happened when they attacked people, they chose the other solution, which was much worse. They couldn’t find any other way. There was no third way.]

    Well, there is a third way, which is for God to drag the nations into Israel and defeat them. muslims should know that, since they love and respect all the prophets (or claim to).

  2. Being grateful Endrogan has not done anything stupid with warships in the last couple of days, its disappointing to see this !

    Iran offers escort for Gaza ships.
    Iran would be willing to send its Revolutionary Guard members to accompany further aid ships to Gaza, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday in an interview cited by Reuters.


    It makes going on-board with paintball guns rather risky.

  3. It’s just my theory but, I think Hamas is anxious to get bunkers built that will withstand 10 megaton blasts.
    I think Iran already has the bomb made, is figuring out how to deliver it on one of thei shabab missiles and will not hesitate to use it once Hamas is dug-in for the holocaust that will take place in their neighborhood.
    Hamas knows full well that an H-Bomb hitting Israel would also put them out of action.
    They are probably buliding silos for their scuds in preparation for the first assault.
    The scuds will be deployed to use up Israel’s shields.
    Once the shields are depleted then the Iranian nuclear device can make its way through unimpeded.

    They have been planning this since 1948 so it shouldn’t come as any surprise to the Israelis.
    It’s just that their greatest fears have become realized.
    It’s also my belief that the flotillas are a smoke-screen to take the world’s attention off Iran while it works on the “Final Solution”.

  4. Final solution !
    Come on world, wake up
    Is it not blindingly obvious what the muslims want to do to the Jews ?
    They keep telling you THEMSELVES .
    And don’t forget – after the Saturday people , it’s the Sunday people

  5. Agreed Persikas, there is no taqiyya at work here, everything is out in the open and the roar of hatred is deafening in the islamo camp. Why our Western leaders choose not to hear it is not out of ignorance, there is more information freely available about islam than any other pseudo-religious political movement at present. The reason our leaders aren’t hearing it is down to two reasons: 1. political correctness, they are shit scared of what the reaction would be if they were to make the faintest murmur against what are now the new chosen people, after an immaculately planned media propaganda initiative, or (and most likely) 2. They are in cahoots with the islamists, and we all know how much the left love to make a darling out of an anti-semite or a fake victim who is actually the aggressor, but hey who gives a shit about facts when you have the power to turn terrorists into peace loving hippies in the eyes of the masses, heck most leftists make no bones about openly declaring their hatred for the Jewish people.

    All’s fair in love and declaring others to be racists/fascists/nazi’s (delete as applicable), which the left and muslims seem to be most adept at, all the while remaining by far the greater threat.

    Up is down, left is right, agree with us or you’re a fascist….

    The irony is astounding….

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