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“This is one of the most dangerous cells we have uncovered.”

“7 nabbed for cab-driver murder,” from the Jerusalem Post,

Seven Israeli Arabs affiliated with al-Qaida and Global Jihad have been arrested for allegedly murdering a taxi driver last year, and carrying out a series of terrorist attacks, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed on Monday.In a joint police-Shin Bet operation, Ahmed Ahmed, 21, Jalib Janam, 26, Wassim Allam, 23, Khidar Ziddana, 22, Ahbed Abu-Salim, 19, Adi Azzam, 23, and Oman Kakhibi, 22, all Nazareth residents, were arrested between May 11 and June 21. All seven were indicted Monday at the Haifa district court.

Hundreds of Arabs Riot


The Jewish people are going to have to expel the annihilators. Don’t get too comfortable. It’s already happening in Europe, and it’s coming here.

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( Arabs in Shiloach (Silwan) near the Kotel in Jerusalem went on a rampage Sunday evening. At least two hundred Arabs hurled fire bombs, fireworks and rocks at security guards stationed at Beit HaDvash in the neighborhood, and at dozens of policemen and Border Police who came to restore order.

Three homes were reportedly on fire. More>>>>

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Dep.-Cmdr. Avi Elgrisi, Head of Amakim Police’s Central Unit told The Jerusalem Post that “this is one of the most dangerous cells we have uncovered.” The investigation was initially focused on two suspects, before being widened to include seven other suspects, he said, adding that police are expected to make more arrests in connection with the investigation.

The seven said that they founded a group called Aljahabiyya and claim to follow Salafism, an extremist Sunni Islamic movement. Aljahabiyya was formed two years ago, and inspired by and affiliated with al-Qaida and Global Jihad. The group underwent a process of radicalization, using material found on the Internet, including pictures of weaponry and instructions to prepare explosives and perpetrate terrorist attacks. The seven downloaded al-Qaida propaganda movies and speeches by Osama Bin Laden.

They accessed the Internet for jihadi ideology and indoctrination, and used it as an information source to listen to extremist clerics,” Elgrisi said.

Aljahabiyya admit to murderring [sic] taxi driver

The group allegedly carried out attacks to avenge the murder of Arabs by Jews in Israel, and confessed to plotting to kidnap IDF soldiers and taking their weapons.

Ahmed, Janam and Zidanna were involved involved in the murder of taxi driver Yafim Weinstein, who was killed on November 30, 2009, as well as other attacks. In their interrogation, the three confessed to ordering Weinstein to a kibbutz near Nazareth, where one shot the taxi driver, and others assisted in destroying evidence. They reenacted the murder and led investigators to the place they hid the murder weapon used to kill Weinstein.

Weinstein, 54, a Nazareth Illit resident, was found murdered in his cab outside Kfar Hahoresh in November, leaving behind a wife, children and a grandchild. Details of the investigation were under a gag order until Monday morning.

Cell members traveled to al-Qaida training camp

The Shin Bet also found that after the murder, Ahmed and Janam attempted to travel to an al-Qaida training camp in Somalia to join the fighting against the Christian “heretics” as well as against the US, but were barred from entering Somalia at the Kenyan border.

Three others planned to kidnap a Nazareth resident and behead him on video, but did not do so. Elgrisi said that they had even dug a grave for the Christian man who “insulted the prophet Muhammad.”

The men also threw stun grenades and Molotov cocktails at Jewish- and Christian-owned businesses and homes in the town. They burnt Christian tour buses, and dealt in arms.

They also stabbed a pizza delivery man in Nazareth Illit, stealing his scooter and NIS 100….

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  1. Before the riots, the Arabian Awareness site (Muslim Brotherhood) posted this incitement, which clearly indicates al-Fatah instigation:

    25 June 2010
    Share the broad masses of worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque in a massive march after Friday prayers today (25-6) to condemn the decision of the Zionist Congress aimed at reducing the three dimensions of the Palestinian Legislative Council for Change and Reform Bloc and former cabinet minister, from the holy city.
    وانطلقت المسيرة عقب صلاة الجمعة، The march began after Friday prayers,

    وتجمع المشاركون في باحات المسجد الأقصى وهم يرفعون صور النواب والأعلام والرايات، ورددوا هتافات منددة بقرارات الاحتلال التهويدية، ومؤكدين دعمهم لقرار النواب الصمود وتحدي القرار الصهيوني بإبعادهم. Participants gathered in the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque, holding photographs of Representatives and the flags and banners, and chanted slogans condemning the decisions of the Israeli Policy said, and affirmed their support for the resolution of Representatives resolution, steadfastness and challenge the Zionist deportation.
    من جانبه اعتبر خطيب المسجد الأقصى المبارك مفتي القدس الشيخ محمد حسين في خطبة صلاة الجمعة قرار إبعاد النواب الأربعة بأنه قرار جائر ومرفوض. For his part, Khatib Al-Aqsa Mosque Mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, in a sermon decision to deport the four representatives that the resolution is unjust and unacceptable.
    وتطرق خطيب المسجد إلى الاجراءات الصهيونية في مدينة القدس وفي حي البستان والشيخ جراح، مؤكدًا أن الهدف منها هو تهجير السكان الأصليين من مدينتهم والعمل على تهويد المدينة. Turning to measures the mosque preacher in the city of Zionism Jerusalem and al-Bustan and Sheikh Jarrah, stressing that the goal is to displace indigenous peoples from their city and work on Judaizing the city.
    Clearly, al-Fatah seeks unity with Hamas, and is grovelling to Egyptian vermin in order to get it.

    Reminder: the only speakers of Arabic in the Judeo-Christian Holy Lands until 634 AD were date-palm caravan traders. The savages came in the Arab rape-booty invasions. The historical homeland of the beasts from the east is in Negd and Hijaz, saud-terrorist-entity. Rabbi Meir Kahane wanted to send them to that homeland. Good idea.
    Reminder: on 11 September 2001, there were 19,000 MB quranimals in Egyptian prisons. After 4 years of Bush’s “islam is peace” BS, there were 3,000. Be careful how you make your bed, because you have to sleep in it. Too bad that didn’t impact on Norquist-“republicans”

  2. The West can fawn over and appease muslims, install diversity officers and enablers to pander to every muslim whim – Israel dare not, and must ultimately provide a backstop against islamic encroachment.

  3. Sure glad they got these seven little cut-throats…I’ll bet they get at least 6 months jail in Israel, before they’re released on good behavior.

    Why don’t the Israelis just take these goons (and the THOUSANDS like them they’ve gently captured over the years) up to the top of Masada, and pitch them off to see if they can fly?

  4. How man arselifters were killed in the riots? None according the the report because the security guards fired into the air. Obviously, they weren’t taught to aim properly.

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