Killer Religion, Bacon Jihad

From the Religion of Peace:

Islamist Kills His Own Father for Interpreting for U.S. Troops…

Nothing to do with Islam, right?  Convincing Iraqi Muslims not to work for the Great Satan….

Ahmadinejad: The Jews Only Seem Human; We Are Advancing Step By Step Towards Implementing Our Plan to Change the World; From This Point Forward, We Will Act to Deliver the American People From Its Dictatorial Government This from Memri / via Atlas Shrugs

We are giving the mass murderer, Ahmadinejad, a nuke. Obama is kissing this would-be mahdi’s quran and throwing the Jews to the wolves. That’s a fact. And it will not end well. America will suffer incalculably for decades from this president in ways you cannot imagine.

Sectarian Jihadis Notch Their 85th Doctor…

Jihad against medicine?

UK’ Total Recall:  English Flag ‘Racist’-

Who are the wankers who come up with this s*#t?

Staff at Bolton At Home have been warned that decking out their cars with St George’s flags could ‘discriminate’ against those who don’t support England during the World Cup./ dailymail.

Islamic scholar in UK offended by turkey bacon

“It could well lead towards eating the real thing.”

Nothing like the real thing, I guess….

The question is, why is this a story on the BBC at all? If Rod Adlington wants to produce turkey bacon, why should it be a controversy for anyone? The unspoken subtext of this article seems to be that Adlington should stop producing this product if Naveed Ashrafi’s opinion wins out in the Islamic community. So what if the non-Muslim “pork-free market” and “the slimming market” wants turkey bacon? Apparently if Muslims don’t want it, no one else can or should have it either. That Islamic supremacist conclusion is the only justification for this story; otherwise neither the BBC nor anyone else would care what Rod Adlington raises on his farm.

“Coventry farmer defends bacon substitute for Muslims,” by Philip Churm for the BBC, via JW

Yes, This IS America’s Future: Muslims Are Your Food Police

Unlike Islam, we Jews do not impose our religious requirements on anyone else.  We don’t insist that the rest of the world comply.  We keep our religion, and celebrate that you keep yours and live your life.  But not Islam.  Muslims want everyone to submit.  That’s why Islam means submission, forced submission.    Debbie Schlussel/Read the rest of this entry »

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  1. * Unlike Islam, we Jews do not impose our religious requirements on anyone else …

    Quite so, and I have never heard of Jews suggesting that “all food should be kosher, so everyone can eat”.

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