Kosovo, mon amour


Judges in modern, moderate Kosovo refuse U.S. request to extradite accused jihadist

But, but, but, I thought that in Kosovo they were all moderate Muslims who loved America! I read all about it in Commentary! “Kosovo: Judges Say No to U.S. Request for Extradition of Terrorism Suspect,” from AP via JW

They really like America over there, because we helped them throw the Christian Serbs out of their ancestral homelands. The gratitude of Muslims is legendary…. (sarc/off)

Thousands rally in Kosovo in support of Muslim headscarf

Kosovo Muslim women take part in a protest against the government’s decision to ban pupils from wearing Muslim headscarves in public schools in Pristina June 18, 2010.

Trouble in paradise.

So far the Muslims there have destroyed hundreds of churches.

PRISTINA – Thousands Kosovo Albanians staged a protest rally Friday in Pristina after girls were banned from school for refusing to take off their Muslim headscarves…Read more…/Islamization Watch

No More Serbian Bean-soup for German Police

Out of political correctness and out of  misguided suspicion against Serb patriotism the German police has replaced ‘Serb Bean-soup’  with ‘Bean soup with sausage and bread roll” PI

(image of bean-soup removed do to copyright)

Chechen Women Target of Headscarf Threat Leaflets

Chose wisely, ladies:

In Gudermes, a city in Chechnya, leaflets have begun to appear on posts near the city bus station and in the vicinity of the marketplace, warning Chechen girls to wear headscarves, eyewitnesses report.

Better stock up: Chechnyan women have begun receiving threats of violence to ‘encourage’ them to cover themselves

Townspeople say a large number a lot of such leaflets have also appeared in other parts of the city. They read:

“Dear sisters! We want to remind you that every Chechen woman must wear, according to norms and traditions of Islam and our customs, a headscarf. Isn’t it nasty for you, while dressed defiantly, with your head uncovered, hear various obscene ‘compliments’ and proposals? Think again! Today, we poured paint over you. It’s just a warning. Don’t force us to resort to tougher measures!”   UnDhimmi has the story….

Kosovar Albanian Muslim arrested for role in jihad attack in North Carolina

The unnamed “Kosovo Albanian male” probably had a role in this North Carolina jihad plot, which is known to have included Kosovar Albanian Muslims — which must come as a shock to the dhimmis, the willfully ignorant, the useful idiots and the collaborators at places like Commentary and elsewhere, who have staked so much on the false assumption that Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are all moderate, peace-loving supporters of the United States.

“Kosovo terror suspect arrested on U.S. warrant,” from RFE/RL, June 17 (thanks to JW)

How slick Willie  Sold Our Children to Islam

Allah ‘s apostle said, ” I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah,’ (Hadith 4:52:196*)  Blessedcause

Atlas Shrugs:

Bosnian Muslims Pile On the Islamic Anti-Semitism: The Balkan Connection of the Ottoman Flotilla

Muslim Group Launches Conversion Campaign In Bosnia

America went to war for the Muslims in Bosnia, took up arms against the Christians, and this is the poisonous fruit of doing the jihad’s bidding. The jihadists have taken over Sarajevo.

Worse still, we are backing a jihadist state in the middle of Europe, an “independent Kosovo.” It’s enough to make you puke.

Wahhabi Group Launches Conversion Campaign In Bosnia Radio Free EuropeArmaros

There’s more, much more….

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  1. Slick Willie, leader of the US left in the 1990s, bombed Serbia to support the emerging Islamic/Left/Fascist alliance against the West. Cognitive dissonance at its best.

  2. Far from posing a threat to the West, Serbia has, through the centuries been the gatekeeper and the most stalwart defender of Christendom against the barbaric forces of Islam.

    It takes a particular combination of ignorance, arrogance and stupidity, that makes a person or brainwashed society, that attacks its historic ally, to further the aims of the most barbaric creed and historic enemy of the West.

    I hope and pray that we are not punished for this act of great betrayal, though I think, as I view the evidence of what is happening to us, that we are being punished.

    All I hope and pray is that we are not punished for this betrayal.

    PS: A similar process may be underway for Israel. I really hope not.

  3. Come to think of it, as I look at what is happening in the UK, the US, Canada, i.e., all those countries that were in the front line in bombing and dismembering Serbia, are being punished. The US has even been inflicted by a Muslim president.

  4. Kosovo
    Was Europe blind?
    17 December 2010 Presseurop

    Nicknamed “The Snake” when head of the KLA, Kosovo’s PM Hashim Thaçi at a financial aid conference, Brussels, 2008.

    The European Council report released on 15 December accusing Kosovo’s leadership of organ trafficking raises plenty of questions about the EU’s indulgent attitude towards prime minister Hashim Thaçi and former Albanian separatists.

    In his report, Swiss senator Dick Marty, who gained fame for first revealing the existence of secret CIA prisons holding alleged terrorists, “accuses the prime minister and several government officials from the UÇK [KLA – Kosovo Liberation Army] of being directly responsible for organ trafficking”, explains Le Monde. “Marty has identified six detention centres in Albania in which Kosovo Serbs or pro-Serb Albanians were held. These centres allegedly continued to operate even after the Serb surrender [following NATO bombardments] in June 1999″. This situation, notes the French newspaper, “persisted until NATO deployed international forces. Once the prisoners were taken to Albania, they were tortured” – and their organs were removed, in some cases.

    This is not the first time such accusations have been levelled at Thaçi and his henchmen, points out Le Monde: in her book The Hunt (2008), Carla del Ponte, former prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, “already accused KLA members, who were leading the armed struggle against Serbia at the time, of extracting organs from nearly 300 captives held in Albania”.

    Kidnapped on orders from the prime minister of a European state?

    “Is it possible? Is it possible that people could have been kidnapped on orders from the prime minister of a European state? That he had them murdered in order to extract organs from their dead bodies, e.g. kidneys for rich customers in Germany, Canada, Poland or Israel willing to shell out up to €45,000 for the deal?” asks the Tageszeitung (TAZ). “Is it possible that Hashim Thaçi, the prime minister of Kosovo, unanimously backed by Berlin, London, Paris and Washington, owes his political power to wealth he amassed in criminal activities?” At any rate, according to the Berlin daily, “Dick Marty’s report will heavily impact the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo that has been heralded with much pomp and circumstance in Brussels.”

    Indeed, explains the TAZ, “Not a single Serb would agree to sit down at the negotiating table with Thaçi. Without him, however, it will be virtually impossible to form a government in Pristina following the general elections on 12 December.” Furthermore, “If Eulex, the EU mission in Kosovo, wants to remain credible, it will now have to conduct an impartial investigation into Thaçi & Co – which it has refrained from doing so far because a number of Albanian politicians are former guerrilla commanders and still have armed groups at their disposal.”
    Everything about Thaçi’s criminal involvement puts the EU in the dock

    So how will Brussels react? Hard to say: “In September 2010, the War Crimes section head for EULEX made statements that completely, or almost completely, contradict Dick Marty’s report”, notes Le Temps. There was “no evidence”, according to Finnish police officer Matti Raatikainen, to corroborate the charges of organ trafficking made against Thaçi’s entourage, recalls the Swiss daily.

    And yet, adds the paper, “The European Union knows that everything that emerges about Thaçi’s criminal involvement will put the EU in the dock. How can it then keep demanding that Belgrade arrest Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb general still on the lam? Above all, how can it argue against those, like the young nationalist Kosovar politician Albin Kurti, who call for EULEX to get out after its shady concessions to the power elite?”

    It is quite telling that the cabinet of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton reacted to Marty’s report by asking him “to furnish proof”, observes Le Temps, adding that “In truth, the EU hardly has any choice. Kosovo’s independence (which Spain, Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Slovakia still won’t recognise), rubber-stamped by a joint agreement with the United States, has always been perceived in Brussels as a bitter pill to swallow on the road to the future integration of the Balkans.”

    Translated by Eric Rosencrantz

    Burying the “good war” myth

    The horrific human rights abuses that have emerged from the Council of Europe’s report on Western ally the Kosovan Liberation Army (KLA) undermine former British PM Tony Blair’s claim that Nato’s 1999 war with Yugoslavia was “a battle between good and evil; between civilisation and barbarity; between democracy and dictatorship”, argues Neil Clark in the Guardian. “It was a fiction many on the liberal left bought into,” Clark writes. “But if the west had wanted to act morally in the Balkans and to protect the people in Kosovo there were solutions other than war with the Serbs, and options other than backing the KLA – the most violent group in Kosovan politics. They could have backed genuine multi-party negotiations, or offered to lift sanctions on Belgrade if a peaceful solution to the problem of Kosovo could be found.” Nato’s intervention in Yugoslavia, Clark concludes, was as immoral as the 2003 war against Iraq. “But as the Iraq war has become discredited, so it is even more important for the supporters of “liberal interventionism” to promote the line that Kosovo was in some way a success. The Council of Europe’s report on the KLA’s crimes makes that position much harder to maintain.”

  5. Kosovo Muslims Press for New Mosque

    You know the drill: Pristina’s Muslim community is complaining that they don’t have sufficient space to accommodate the city’s growing number of believers.

    PRISTINA – Pressing for their demand of a new mosque in central Pristina, hundreds of Muslim Kosovars are planning to take to the streets for the third Friday in a row to raise their cause.

    “Muslim believers need to have a new mosque in the centre of Pristina,” Fuad Ramiqi, leader of the Muslim “Bashkohu” group which advocates the cause, told Balkan Insight news portal on Thursday, June 30.

    Ramiqi said that the Muslim community has been requesting a new mosque in Pristina’s downtown for the past five years, but to no avail.

    The Muslim community is complaining that they don’t have sufficient space to accommodate the city’s growing number of believers with only 22 mosques serving the city’s Muslims.

    The protests gained momentum when authorities demolished a high school in central Pristina to make way for a Roman Catholic cathedral.

    But, Ramiqi denied that the protests had any connection with the newly inaugurated Catholic cathedral.

    “We are not against the cathedral,” Ramiqi said, but added Muslims also seek equal treatment.

    Muslims complain that Catholics, though a small minority in Kosovo, face fewer obstacles than majority Muslims when it comes to obtaining permits for places of worship.

    Home to nearly two million Muslim Albanians who make up more than 95 percent of its population, Kosovo is the second country with Muslim majority in Europe.

    Before its 2008 independence, Kosovo was run by the UN after a 1999 NATO campaign which ended a wave of bloody ethnic cleansing by Serb forces that killed an estimated 10,000 people and displaced hundreds of thousands.


    The calls for the Friday protest triggered police to warn that it will not allow people to block any streets.

    “I think the answer is very clear. They cannot block the roads,” interior minister Bajram Rexhepi told journalists.

    Last Friday, some 300 people prayed outside the Carshi Mosque to express their need of a new mosque.

    In an attempt to clear the road, police scuffled with one protester and took him away for questioning.

    But Ramiqi said the protest would take place at the same location as during the last two Friday protests, insisting that he had already notified the authorities.

    “I don’t need police permission. I have informed them that the protest will be held,” Ramiqi said.

    In an attempt to ease the tension, Pristina municipality said it has accepted the proposal for a new mosque in principle and was reviewing the plan.

    “All such proposals must go through the municipal assembly,” Muhamet Gashi, municipal spokesperson, told Balkan Insight.

    “The location is then decided following mutual agreement between the municipality and Islamic Community.”

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