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Shocker: Abbas lies to Obama, denies PA incitement against Israel

…but still takes home $ 400 million dollars….

The problem with this is that the anti-Israel and Islamophilic Obama will fall for the lies, or appear to the world to have done so. War Is Deceit Update: “Abbas not truthful to Obama; denies PA incitement,” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik for Palestinian Media Watch, June 10/via JW

Leftist Brainfarts:

CNN: White Racism to Blame for Obama’s Incompetence

CNN says the reason Obama has been such a dismal failure in coordinating an effective response to the Gulf oil spill is because white people can’t deal with an angry black man.

On Wednesday, reached a new low by blatantly playing the race card: President Obamais afraid to look angry in public because white people historically haven’t liked angry black men.

This conclusion was offered by four supposed experts (all of whom were sympathetic to Obama), with no one else mentioned to provide any ounce of skepticism.

Dorothy Rabinowitz: The Alien in the White House

The Obama fanboys are in a massive state of denial about this president’s ingrained hostility toward fundamental American values, but facts are stubborn things.

Palin: “Chicago Thugs” Obama’s Inner Circle

The Obama bastard needs his ass kicked….

A comment from Hugh:

And another four hundred million to the corrupt ex-henchmen of Arafat, who alone was resonsible for the disappearance of billions in Western aid.

Mahmoud Abbas and his children thank the American taxpayers for this money and assure them it will be put to good use, as have been all the billions given by the non-Muslims to the Slow Jihadists of Fatah over the years.

Fortunately we in the United States have no real expenses, and are happy to share and share and share with our Muslim friends who are working for peace. And we quite understand why Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Libya, Iran, Algeria, and so on have no desire to contribute as well to the care and feeding, in apparent perpetuity, of the “Palestinians.” It would give Infidels the wrong idea. It would allow them to think they do not owe the Muslim Arabs a living, beginning with the shock troops of the violent Jihad against Israel, the those local Arabs known now as “the Palestinians.”