"Very Sensitive Case"

“Sensitivity” kills:

Another soldier of Allah waging jihad against his fellow men?

Master Sgt. Pedro Mercado, 47, was killed by  Staff Sgt. Rashad Valmont, 29.

Pic of the perp thanks to Mullah

Rashad was charged under military law in the shooting at the U.S. Army Reserve Center located at Fort Gillem.  It took the army 8 days to release his (Muslim) name. Watch for the spin and the cover up!

Army says case is very senstive and under investigation, so no details about the shooter or victim are available, other than the victim was an Army reservist.

Hasan Malik almost died laughing in his wheelchair. WTF are there Mohammedans in our military?

Here is the card that major Muslim Nidal Hasan gave to the infidels along with a quran before he attacked America and mowed down US soldiers at Fort Hood.

ATLAS: Major Muslim’s Calling Card: “SoA”, “Soldier of Allah”

just like this guy:

NYC Car Bomber pleads guilty, Calls it “War” — “I consider myself … a Muslim soldier.”

4 thoughts on “"Very Sensitive Case"”

  1. What makes you think that he was Muslim? I knew him and he was not and evil individual. Islam does not teach hate or promote violence. Hey thinking about converting. He was a friend a family man who loved his family. He wasn’t the best solider but he did his job. Why speak on things you no nohing about? Get the facts then speak.


  2. A pic of the alleged perp on a m/bike is here:


    * Islam does not teach hate or promote violence.
    * Get the facts then speak.

    [allah through its false prophet, sharing the love] “I shall cast terror
    into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, maim them in
    every limb!”

    Don’t portray allah as anything other than a violent megalomaniac, who is about to pass its use-by date, along with its followers.

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