Australia: HIV-positive Rapist Taxi Driver Gets 9 Years of Prison Da'awa

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7News/By Stephanie Gardiner, AAP

HIV Positive Rapist Claims Status Entitles a Reduced Sentence…

Taxi driver Hassan Nagi’s rape victims may have found some comfort in his jailing.

But when the moment arrived, the family of the HIV-positive sexual predator hurled abuse at the young women, calling them liars and protesting his innocence.

After Judge James Bennett sentenced the 39-year-old to at least nine years, five months and three days jail for the rape of three female passengers, his elderly mother began yelling at the victims.

And his brother shouted: “It wasn’t my brother who dumped her on the street.”

Taxi Jihad DownUnder:

Nagi, who pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual intercourse without consent, stood in the dock holding a family photo.

Judge Bennett sentenced him to a maximum 13 years, 10 months and 24 days behind bars for the attacks on the women aged 31, 23 and 27 in 2003, 2006 and 2007.

He said a claim by the defence that Nagi showed signs of “Don Juanism”, a psychiatric problem said to be a form of sexual addiction, did not justify his behaviour.

“The offender embarked upon what one might see to be predatory behaviour in the pursuit of sexual gratification at the expense of, and in disregard of, his victims,” the judge told Downing Centre District Court on Wednesday.

The court heard during the first attack in July 2003, Nagi picked up the woman from Kings Cross after she had spent the night drinking with friends.

He drove for some time before getting into the back of the taxi with her, unzipping his fly, saying, “You want this, you know you want this”, and raping her.

In the second attack in 2006, he picked up another woman in Kings Cross and put his hand underneath her skirt.

When she tried to escape, Nagi said, “Come on baby, you’re making me so horny”, before raping her and offering her money.

In 2007, the third victim got into his taxi and he took her to an industrial area, where he forced her to perform oral sex and raped her.

Judge Bennett said Nagi had occupied a position of trust as a taxi driver and in the first two attacks he “took advantage of intoxication to pursue his sexual gratification … at their expense”.

In their victim impact statements, all three women described their emotional anguish, each having suffered broken relationships with their partners after the rapes.

Nagi’s sentencing had been delayed for over a year while he attempted to challenge the lifting of a non-publication order on his HIV-positive status.

His challenge was rejected by the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal last year and the High Court recently refused to hear his application.

Judge Bennett said his condition could not be considered an aggravating feature of the offences because there was no direct evidence he knew about it or was infected at the time of the attacks.

A positive test result was returned in 2009 after he had pleaded guilty and the victims were then informed.

Outside court, Nagi’s mother continued defending her son.

“My son’s innocent, my son’s very healthy,” she yelled.

With time already served, Nagi will be eligible for parole in October 2018.

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