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Why can’t more people see “scholars” such as Tariq Ramadan for the  islamo-nazis that they are? This sinister twerp kites himself off of the good will of gullible multiculturalists who offer him invitations to speak, financial subsidies of all sorts and even academic chairs which he then uses to push and legitimise his Muslim Brotherhood/sharia agenda.

Those who have leapt to the defence of the burqa  recently think they are being tolerant. In reality, they end up defending a woman’s right to have her rights taken away from her. This is illogical and absurd.

Here’s Ramadan telling us what the British way of life is. Very much like Keysar Trad who knows what’s ‘un-Australian’. Gimme a vomit bag, I wanna puke!

Take a look at the video of the fascinating discussion on the banning of the niqab which saw the Mona Eltahawy, the British-Egyptian feminist take on Tariq Ramadan’s dishonest dissembling.

The debate was electric, not least because this is probably one of the only times you will ever hear the “Muslim right wing” as a stakeholder in the niqab debate identified on British TV.

Kirsty Wark: But the question, surely, is not whether there are feminist reasons for wearing the veil or not. It is ‘why is wearing the veil becoming more prevalent rather than less prevalanet’?

Mona Eltahawy: I think it has become more prevalent because the space has been left completely uncontested to the Muslim right wing which does not respect anyone’s rights whatsoever except for this one right to cover a woman’s face. No one has pushed back against the Muslim right wing. I detest the political right wing but I equally detest the Muslim right wing and I will not sacrifice women. Integration has largely failed across Europe even in the UK, with multiculturalism. But we’re not going to sacrifice women for it.

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  1. What is their explanation for wearing the niqab? If if is to show some form of reverence between them and god, then I must wonder…do they take it off at home? if they do, how is it between them and god, since god is present everywhere?

    The reason is to alienate those people outside of them. Hence, another commandment of Jesus that they militate against. Love God and love your neighbor. They seem t0 think that they need no neighbor. Consequently how can they even love a god which they do not know, if they are not even willing to show their faces to those people near to them or their neighbors. The hypocrisy continues…

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