Gaddafi Humanity

“Charity” led by Gadhafi’s son sends humanitarian aid ship to Gaza

“We are heading to Gaza for purely humanitarian reasons, we are not out to provoke anyone or to seek media attention”

Youssef SawwanDirector, Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation

The son of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has organized a “humanitarian boat” to sail from Greece to the Gaza Strip in effort to break Israel’s naval blockade of the coastal territory, AFP reported on Friday.  Haaretz

Saif ul Islam (Sword of Islam) when he doesn’t support the “shadowy insurgents” in Thailand’s deep south and the Abu Sayyaf in the Philppines, also exhibits  something he calls “art,” depicting blood splattered “Palestinians” in Moscow, as we can see here

Gaddafi focuses on such opposing images as peaceful landscapes of the Libyan desert and the Islamic intifada. His art ranges from Arabian horses and tigers to portraits of his father.

In other news:

One Million $$$ Hotel Bill Unpaid

The older brother of Saif ul Islam stayed one month at the Grand Excelsior hotel in Rapallo, (yours truly stayed there on many occasions, an excellent house!) only to run off without paying the bill

Al-Saadi Gaddafi has a long record of smashing hotel rooms, beating up maid servants, disfiguring his wife(s)  etc. which recently caused a diplomatic row between Switzerland and his father, the Libyan dictator. Papa Gaddafi promptly threatened Switzerland with jihad and promised to shift 5 billion dollars in stolen money to Turkey. Nobody has the guts to stand up to these rogues…….

Original article in German from PI: Al-Saadi Gaddafi – “gratis” im Luxushotel

Niemand traut sich, die Gaddafis am Schopf zu packen, wenn sie etwas verbrochen haben. Also, warum für die Hotelrechnung bezahlen? Der 36-jährige Sohn des libyschen Staatschefs (Foto) wohnte im italienischen Badeort Rapallo 2007 einen Monat lang im “Grand Hotel Excelsior” in einer kostspieligen Suite und lud Dutzende Gäste zu sich ein, ohne jemals die Rechnung zu begleichen.

Der Hotelbesitzer hat Al-Saadi Gaddafi deswegen jetzt angezeigt. Libyen ließ über die Botschaft zuvor ausrichten, zu keinen Zahlungen bereit zu sein. Wer muss sich denn ans Recht halten, wenn man ein Gaddafi ist? Viele europäische Staaten inklusive Italien machen mit den Libyern gute Geschäfte. Man wird den Diktator auch diesmal nicht “verärgern” wollen.  [mehr]

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  1. Sheesh, I can barely stand to look at this bag of sh*t. He’s almost as fugly as his father, inside and out.

  2. Libyan ship heading for Gaza sponsored (in part) by… Hussein Obama?

    Hugh Fitzgerald:

    The ship has been sent by the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation.”

    Yes, I learned this last night from a news program on the RAI. And what do I discover this morning? The New York Times carries a news item about this, but carefully describes the sponsor of the trip laconically as “a Libyan charity.”

    What if the New York Times had written “a ship sent by the Gaddafi International Charity”?

    Would that not have made a difference in how readers would take in and understand things?

    But The New York Times is intent, on every occasion, to prevent too much awareness of what is going on, in the gang-up on Israel that is the Jihad without end, and in questions related to all the other Jihads, to the world-wide Jihad. Just look at their disgraceful coverage of how Europeans are waking up to, and reacting, to the Muslims in their midst and to their incessant, and dangerous demands? Have you heard, ever, in The New York Times, about deployment of the Money Weapon and what sums are involved? Have you heard about the carefully-targetted campaigns of Da’wa? Have you read, even once, even fleetingly, anything about what various Arabs and Muslims have said, and quite publicly, about the demographic conquest of Western Europe? Have you ever seen any articles giving the real figures, and explaining just how that conquest — in states where politicians respond to those who have the vote — might work out? Have you seen any attention, intelligent and not simply dismissive and reductive attention, employing bullying adjectives (“far right,” “right-wing,” “extreme right-wing”), given to Geert Wilders and to his many intelligent and alarmed supporters?


    Why not?

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