Mangoes Against Jihad

Defeating Terrorism, One Mango at a Time

Michelle Malkin

“Pakistan will export more of its delicious and very juicy mangoes. Americans will eat them. It will all be a part of the fight against militants.” (Yep. Can’t call them Islamic terrorists because these overseas contingency operations and man-made disasters have nothing to do with Islam and might radicalize moderate Muslims….but mangoes, juicy mangoes for 7.5 bn dollars will  do wonders against jihad…..)


Its all about “restoring trust”, you see. Its not about the fact that the mustachioed generals and the slick thieves from the Paki elites are the most corrupt swine in the world, its because “we have to restore trust” by paying them absurd amounts of money.

A classic example of inverted reality, non comprehension and delusional politics……….