Germany: Turkish Police in Problem Areas?

Because  imported problems  like ‘no-go zones’ have become unmanageable, some genius had the  idea to employ Turkish police and give them their own uniforms to police these ‘problem areas’.

That’s what you call ‘outsourcing’ nowadays. Some are wondering why it took so long and why Germany doesn’t import  Turkish viziers & kadis to rule these areas according to sharia…..

NRW: Türkische Polizisten in “Problemvierteln” (original link in German from PI)

In other news:

“Police are running like rabbits”

The “youths” of Grenoble are still shooting at the police, because one of their elders had the misfortune getting shot while robbing a casino and shooting at police. Al Jizz  makes it sound as if “impoverished suburbs” caused all this trouble.

Sample of new age ‘sensitive’  reporting:

GRENOBLE, France — French police Sunday arrested four men for attempted homicide following two nights of rioting in the Alpine city of Grenoble that saw youths open fire at police and torch scores of cars. AFP

The mother of the suspect killed by police, Saliya Boudouda, appealed for calm in Sunday’s edition of a local paper, Le Dauphine Libere.

But she told AFP she would be lodging a complaint and demanding an investigation into the circumstances surrounding her son’s death.

“They messed up, the cops,” she told AFP by telephone. “I am going to see the prosecutor and lodge a complaint.”

Disturbances including car burnings are not rare in some of France’s deprived suburban districts, which suffer from tension between the largely immigrant populations and police.

In October 2005, weeks of rioting broke out in suburbs across France, sparked by the death of two youths who were electrocuted when they entered an electricity installation as they ran away from police in suburban Paris.

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In German

Weil man mit den zugewanderten Problemen anders nicht mehr fertig wird, sollen jetzt türkische Polizisten in eigener Uniform in “Problemvierteln” NRWs eingesetzt werden. Warum übergibt man die Polizei nicht gleich ganz dem türkischen Staat? “Outsouricng” nennt man das in Betrieben. Ist doch prima, spart Geld. [mehr]

3 thoughts on “Germany: Turkish Police in Problem Areas?”

  1. If the German authorities really are considering giving muslims their own police force, then they are making a grave mistake and they will be buried by the electorate at the next elections.

  2. Of course, let them intimidate you into giving them even more control. That really makes a lot of sense.

  3. We are just as bad here. Our police wont investigate complaints by Australians against Muslims. They are too cowardly. The pay off is far more lucrative for them. We are left in the lurch. Corruption destroys society and there is nothing better than a little help from the local coppers. Better still, for the State to employ second generation Muslims into the police force – in fact they already are firmly entrenched there, as well as Centrelink, Banks, and all government departments. I was kicked out of a politicians office for asking for help about these matters. He was Lebanese and just did not want to know. Needless to say, no one that I know will ever vote for him again.

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