Sharia is Not a Restaurant Menu

Sharia in Africa

In his typically powerful column today, Andy McCarthy argues that there cannot be “nice, clean, friendly sharia” because sharia’s goal is “ to insulate and fortify the umma for inter-civilizational battle.” He also points out some features of sharia that its apologists prefer to elide: Andrew McCarthy @ the corner

From the RoP:

British Mosque Faces Child Abuse Probe... (I know, I know: those 70 year old Catholic priests are the ones we really have to worry about…..)

Vlad Tepes presents:

Divorce Sharia style

Thanks again to KitmanTV the premiere finder of all videos that actually matter, here is another channel Four documentary of tremendous importance. Remember #4 also is the UK TV channel that made the excellent and important document, ‘Hidden Mosque’ which revealed how large British mosques, some of which are recipients of huge government money for ‘multi-faith outreach programs’ were in fact teaching hatred and intolerance to all who they could reach.

Sharia Law in Britain – A threat to “One law for All” [Jihad against Women]

Muslims Persecuting Tiny Christian Population in Pakistan/Vlad Tepes
More Egyptian Apostates and Christians fear for their lives/Vlad

Cleric Uses al-Qaeda to Warn France Not to Ban Burqa... (because that could cause jihad. Fighting crime causes more crime, opposing Islam causes more Islamic terrorism, what else is new?)

Convictions in Plot to Murder Hundreds of Airline Passengers

Suspect in NYC subway jihad plot was allowed to stay in U.K. because “his safety could not be guaranteed” in Pakistan

What about our safety from him? An update on this story. “Al-Qaida suspect living in Britain arrested after US extradition request: Abid Naseer won right to stay in Britain when judge ruled his safety could not be guaranteed if he was deported to Pakistan,” by Owen Bowcott for the Guardian via JW

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  1. Ban the burka in France and here in the U.S. as well, screw whatever threats the Islamonazis make about the increased presence of Al Qaeda. Also, if UK officials had any gonads left in them, they would have saved British taxpayers some money by executing the three thugs in those terrorist plots instead of feeding them their halal for life. Time for the return of the death penalty in the UK – and for every state in the U.S. as well.

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