A well orchestrated assault on Disney

Litigation Jihad

Muslim employee, Hamas-linked CAIR sue Disney for “right” to wear hijab rather than company uniform

Sue the unbelievers wherever you find them:

She has been working with the company for two years and only now has filed suit, right after she got her citizenship. Hamas-linked CAIR is representing her. This is, in short, yet another stealth jihad attempt to assert the primacy of Islamic law and custom over American law and custom. “Muslim employee accuses Disney of discrimination,” from the Orange County Register.

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Note how she is surrounded, backed up and supported by the CAIR thugs. Note how she demands “her rights” from the filthy kafirs. Note how she oozes the confidence that comes with the belligerence in the belief of superiority.

This litigation jihad is no different from the flying imams with their in-your-face prayer demo in the airports, shouting ‘allahu akbar’ and behaving in an intimidating way towards other passengers. This is no different from the hijabbed hairdresser who bankrupted a London hair saloon for not hiring her because she insisted on wearing  the hideous scarf. Do you think the litigation assault on Abercrombie was an accident?

Of course not. This is all part of the litigation jihad. Instigated, financed and backed by the thugs from the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas,  CAIR.

Read it all: Muslim employee, Hamas-linked CAIR sue Disney

From a posting on JW:

In the press conference, Boudlal said she believes she was discriminated against because she looks Muslim.

This implies “racism”—that Boudlal “looks”—what? Middle Eastern? Arab?—but this clearly isn’t Disney’s concern, since she worked she has already worked there for *two years*.

Boudlal only “looks Muslim” when she is wearing her Muslim slave rag.

Here’s another:

If this is allowed to stand, then we can expect the following to occur: Hot dogs and beer will be banned, Goofy will be fired (he’s a dog, and Muslims hate dogs), the Three Little Pigs will be sent packing, Pirates of the Caribbean will be converted to a celebration of the Barbary Pirates, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle will have minarets erected at each of its four corners and a star and crescent mounted on its pinnacle, and…

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  1. There are 22 countries in the world where muslim women have to wear a ‘Nappy’ on their heads. When female western journalists visit those countries they are forced into wearing a ‘Nappy’. What gives these dumb muslim bitches the right to think that they can wear a shit rag on their heads and go to work, blatantly disregarding standing company rules and regulations on the dress code and sue if they are not permitted to wear them. Who are the stupid farts representing these twats. They should be tarred and feathered and then hung out to dry.

  2. Please keep the foul language out of this. The murderous sharia regime wants to murder and flog a lot of people, but they go through the hypocisy of pretending they are “holy joes.” So, play along with them, and use temperate language. Remember, people who respond are trying to convert TWO types of people: (1) Moderate people who have not swallowed the Koran and Hadith verses ordering them to kill many infidels and subdue the rest to work for them, and (2) Moderate non-Muslims, some of whom believe in religions that teach respectful language. No swearwords!

  3. I’ll stick to the facts, without using foul language:
    The so-called “prophet” Mohammad was a pedophile, rapist, thief, mass murderer and so on……. How do you call worshippers of such a criminal ???

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