Ramadan Chitlins

A Jewish mother and her four children have been rescued from an abusive husband in an Arab village and sent to South America, at least temporarily. Read the whole thing (Carl)

Israel retaliates after mortar attacks

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Breast Milk Fatwa Cleric Pulled from Radio Show…

No more fatwas for Sheikh Abdel Mohsen Obeikan, the Saudi cleric and royal court adviser who earlier this year earned notoriety for rolling out an eyebrow-raising religious decree that called on women to give men breast milk to avoid illicit mixing.

From the RoP:
Saudi authorities on Wednesday reportedly pulled the plug on Obeikan’s radio program “Fatwas on Air,”  a daily morning show in which Obeikan would go on air and issue fatwas — religious rulings — to the public on various matters. (LA Times)

Muslims Reluctant Organ Donors, Eager Recipients…

All take, no give….

Egyptian Ramadan Observers Assault Christians…

Just a little Ramadamadingdong jihad, its their religion. Shut up already, you Islamophobic bigot racist, you!

‘Moderate Muslims’ Rejoice over Hitchen’s Cancer Diagnosis… (Because they hate…)

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