Bleeding Hearts to the Rescue: I'm a victim too, says the widow of 7/7 bomber

Widow of slain martyr demands widows pension:

I’m a victim too, says widow of 7/7 bomber, in legal aid claim that could delay inquest

Daily Mail

Legal bid: Hasina Patel, whose husband was plot mastermind Mohammed Sidique Khan, is challenging the refusal to provide her with legal aid

The widow of a July 7 suicide bomber yesterday launched a High Court bid to be represented at the victims’ inquest – saying she had also suffered the loss of a loved one in the atrocity.

Hasina Patel, whose husband was terrorist mastermind Mohammad Sidique Khan, is seeking legal aid to challenge the coroner’s decision to exclude Khan’s death from the hearing for the 52 victims of the 2005 London bombings.

If the mother of one’s application is granted, October’s long-awaited inquest could be delayed by months of legal wrangling, to the distress of those who have waited more than five years for it to take place.

Islamo logic, Islamo chutzpah:

a man is up in court for killing his mother and father, he pleads to the court for leniency,  because he is an orphan,  now that’s  what we call  chutzpah…!

Lawyers for Miss Patel claim there should be ‘no material distinction’ between her and the families of those killed, because she ‘equally suffered the loss of a relative’.

But the move will anger bereaved families, who do not want the deaths of the terrorists included in the same inquest as the 52 innocents whose lives they took.

Miss Patel hopes to overturn the decision made by Lady Justice Hallett in May to hold a separate hearing into the deaths of the four bombers – Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, Hasib Hussain, 18, and Jermaine Lindsay, 19.

The Government has already agreed to give legal aid to the families of the 52 victims. But Miss Patel’s request for equal funding was refused in May this year.

Protecting her ‘Reputation’

Yesterday Ashley Underwood QC, representing the Lord Chancellor, said Miss Patel wanted legal aid only to defend her reputation.

Clifford Tibber of Oury Clark Solicitors, which represents several victims’ families, said: ‘They have waited for more than five years for this and for them to wait any longer would be devastating for them.’

Miss Patel, who was born in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, married Khan in 2002 after they met at Dewsbury College, where both were studying to work in the education sector.

She has described her husband as a ‘good person’ who was brainwashed by Islamic militants.

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  1. This is beyond anything I have read in a while. To “pay” the wife of a murdering psychopath is too much. She ruined her own reputation when she married the guy–and the tent over her head tells me exactly which side of the fence she is on. What has become of us? Welcome to our country all you fanatics–blow us up, murder us in cold blood and we will support your family from our hard earned money. You can call me racist, islamophobic or whatever you want. Anyone who can’t see the total evil in this is past help.

  2. Now I’ve heard everything.

    I like the idea of billing her for the 52 others deaths.
    Perhaps she’d get anothe husband if she took off that stupid black sheet.
    They all look like ghosts.
    Anyhow, bill her and send her back to her packing.
    It’s her own damn fault for marrying a Mozlim in the first place.

  3. To the other commenters – yes, it took my breath away – well, not really – nothing they do surprises me – if they can build a mosque on Ground Zero , they have no morals , no sense of shame .
    But it’s quite something – it fills me with hate – can you imagine the feelings of the real victims – she might be able to imagine but she doesn’t care – what a low life .

  4. Since she is wearing the death shroud it seems as if she is the brainwashed one – remove her citizenship, and deport her back to a muslim shithole.

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