Canuck Jihad: What Could it Be That Made Them Do It….?

Mental Acrobatics in Canuckistan

Educated, well off, respected in the community. Decent fellows. Then, if poverty and lack of education didn’t cause their jihad, there must be something else. And gee, this is always so awkward: if those factors can’t explain it, there must be something else.

Something else, something else… ill-fitting shoes? Radio station renege on its promise of “less talk, more rock?” It could be anything, but, of course, Islamic texts and teachings!

An update on this story. “Update: Terror suspects respected members of community,” by Ian MacLeod and Andrew Seymour for the Ottawa Citizen/ via Jihad Watch

The Ottawa Terror Bust

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

Three terror suspects were arrested in Ottawa over the last two days. They will be charged with possessing explosive materials and preparing IEDs to be used against Canadian targets, as well as other terror offenses. The three men are Hiva Mohammad Alizadeh, Misbahuddin Ahmed, and Khurram Syed Sher, which gives this incident a Mohammed Coefficient of 33%.

Vlad Tepes has YouTubed the official law enforcement press conference that was broadcast yesterday on Canadian TV:

Notice that conspiracy extended to Iran, Afghanistan, Dubai, and Pakistan. One of the alleged perps has an Iranian name, and at least one is from Pakistan, which gives the lie to the idea that Sunnis and Shi’ites never cooperate with each other.

See this news article for the partial text of the charges against the suspects.

These mysterious violent extremists, who were planning their extreme violence! What on earth could have been their motive??

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There is also this:

Interests: hockey, music, acting and killing Infidels — Canadian Idol contestant arrested for jihad plot

Maybe losing Canadian Idol drove him to seek revenge upon the kuffar. “Third terror suspect was ‘Canadian Idol’ contestant,” by Michelle Shephard and Richard J. Brennan for the Toronto Star

Hiva Alizadeh: Hard worker felt he could never get ahead

Unemployment Inspires Iranian to Mass Murder Canucks?… (thanks to the RoP)

Of the three men who were arrested by the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Unit this week, Mr. Alizadeh, 30, faces the most charges; all three have been charged with facilitating terrorism, but Mr. Alizadeh is also accused of financing a terrorist plot and possessing explosives with intent to kill and injure.  (Globe & Mail)

GZ Mosque update:

Ex-CIA Official Says Mosque Is ‘Victory’ for Terrorists

Michael Scheuer, the former top CIA official charged with hunting down Osama bin Laden, says a ground zero mosque will be a “symbol of victory” to Islamic extremists. In an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV he also warns of growing terror threats to the U.S. and the implications of Iran’s nuclear program. (Full Story and Video — Go Here Now)

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