Gainsville, Florida: Koran Burning a Desperate Move?

There seems to be a fair bit of desperation in pastor Terry Jones announcement to burn Korans on 9/11. His church has been under some pressure in an area where the Muslim population spreads rapidly and where city councilmen are easily corrupted and intimidated. However, Larry Jones seems to be quite switched on, he  has read Bat Ye’or and knows about dhimmitude, so I guess we’ll be hearing more about him.

Here are some excerpts from PuffHo just to keep you up to date:

Members of a church in Gainesville, Florida are planning to commemorate the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 by burning Korans. The “International Burn A Quran Day,” is just the latest in anti-Islamic protests that the Dove World Outreach Center holds each year on 9/11.

The church stirred up controversy last year when in July, they put out signs that read “Islam Is Of The Devil,” which is also the title of the pastor’s book.

The church has been known for its controversial nature since it was founded by Jones in 1981. The Dove World Outreach Center has also been very outspoken about abortion, gay marriage and homosexuality. Members of the congregation met on August 2 to protest the election of Gainesville’s first gay mayor. They have come under scrutiny in the past for picketing with signs that said “No Homo Mayor.”

Here are Pastor Jones ’10 Reasons to Burn a Koran’

A Pelosi Target:

If protesting wasn’t enough controversy for the church, it has also recently become the subject of investigation over its alleged for-profit enterprise. Jones uses the church as a tax-exempt business and makes profits from its unpaid members in various practices, including merchandising and eBay sales. (Imagine that! In the land of free enterprise!)

Pastor Terry Jones has quite a fight on his hands. This is from his website Islam is of the Devil

In the spring this year, our mortgage was called in without warning. Although we have been their client for many years, in perfectly good standing, RBC Bank demanded that we repay $140,000 in 60 days.

And who’s behind it?

Muslim infiltration on a large scale: Senator Larry Shaw is chairman for Hamas front CAIR State Senator Larry Shaw is also raising money for un-indicted co-conspirator, Muslim Brotherhood-linked, FBI-banned CAIR.(Atlas) Larry Shaw is a Muslim from North Carolina

RBC Bank gave no reason for their demand, but they are headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. North Carolina has a strong Muslim presence including state senator Larry Shaw who is also the chairman of the terror-linked Muslim group CAIR – an unindicted co-conspirator to the largest Islamic terror financing conviction in the U.S. It is part of the RBC Canada family that has entered into Islamic Sharia financing in recent years.

Our church is certainly not Sharia compliant. Banks that offer Sharia Finance prefer only to do business with Sharia compliant clients. What does this mean for the future of America’s churches and businesses that do not please the growing Moslem population? Some examples would be selling pork or alcohol – not allowed under Sharia. We managed to fight for a year’s extension, but now dhimmi Cottons All Lines Insurance has sent notice of a cancelation of our insurance.

Then there is the Burn Permit. When we first applied for it, there was no problem. Now the City Council has voted to deny it, even though it is our 1st Ammendment Right. Here is Dr Jones’ recent statement to the media about this decision:

we are not surprised. It is a typical example of how government bows to pressure. We met with the Fire Marshal and agreed to all their stipulations. There was no legal reason to turn us down. It was strictly a political move. We will on 9/11 still burn Korans.

… in Gainesville, Florida. Or shall we call it Dhimmiville, Florida?  (Read it all)

The leftarded NYT reports that death threats now come in regularly for Terry Jones.

“We have to be careful,” he said. He tapped a holster on the right hip of his jean shorts; it held a .40-caliber pistol, which he said he was licensed to carry. “The overall response,” he added, “has been much greater than we expected.” (NY:Pastor’s Plan to Burn Korans Adds to Tensions –

The  CNN echo-chamber howls along, or better: they hide behind Akbar Ahmed, who tells us that ‘Burn Quran Day’ is an outrage to Muslims and that “not a single American would be safe in Pakistan”, –  but Jones’ burning will have great symbolic significance to a “Muslim world already feeling under attack by the United States” etc etc, even goes on to scare the Jews: “no one can say who will be next. I was not surprised, therefore, when I heard Jones recently agree, when asked to do so in an internet podcast interview, to burn “a couple of copies of the Talmud” too.”

Then comes the Founding Fathers:

The Founding Fathers read and honored the same Quran that Jones is now seeking to burn. Thomas Jefferson kept the same Quran in his personal collection and it informed his decision to host the first presidential iftaar during Ramadan.   (Read it all, its pretty creepy)

23 thoughts on “Gainsville, Florida: Koran Burning a Desperate Move?”

  1. Where’s the ACLU amidst all this? After all, they’re big supporters of the right to burn the American flag. Oops, forgot, they defend the IslamoNazis, um, Muslims. Hypocrites!

  2. During the Danish cartoon crisis the Muhammadan fiends were burning the flags of the Scandinavian countries which have have the symbol of the cross and I find this deeply offensive. Did the Muhammadans give a hoot? It never crossed their minds.
    In this modern day and age any body with a computer, internet connection and a printer can print out the offensive passages(violent) of the Koran and burn them on Sept 11 and the Muslims wouldn’t be any wiser.

  3. “‘Burn Quran Day’ is an outrage to Muslims.”

    And the 3000 or more slaughtered by Muslims on 9/11 was a genuine outrage. To Americans, the USA and the civilized World.

    On ‘Burn Quran Day’, the burning of qurans should be held on the Twin Towers and the Burlington Coat Factory sites.

  4. If they are so holy, the Korans…that is, maybe the Americans and the allies can paste the sheets on the armored personnel carriers…etc..

    Would Muslims shoot at or try to blow things up that are covered in the pages of the Koran?


    If they do, then this whole argument about burning the Koran is a lie.

    Case(1b). Try using the Koran written in Arabic…

    Case 2.

    If they don’t, then this is the more reason for our country ask why, to a religion paper is more important than a life…Why crowds of Muslims gather to protest the burning of paper but dont say a peep when Muslims blow themselves up and kill 3000. In fact wish to build a monument there…

    Are we not in danger as a society from those that have no respect for human life over paper ? The korans can easily be printed over and over again…

  5. Yet, imagine a whole division of tanks with rolls of pasted korans on their underbellies, and on top…what would they be called?

    peace machines!

  6. I ordered the cheapest one I could find . I’m going to commemorate 9/11 the best way possible, burning the cause of 9/11

  7. Once u begin to notice what the Koran really says about non-Muslims than u do begin to feel that THE PEACE process is nothing more than a peace machine made to obliterate non-Muslims.

    Imagine if we finally decided to be on the same page as Muslims on the peace process…(not the western concept of peace, but the Islamic one.)

    Unfortunately as we discover more of what Islam is really about, imagine all the new peace initiatives….

  8. It may be fun for ‘us’ but just think of some poor bugger in a far away dirthole that will pay for it 🙁 burning/defiling the Quran that is.

  9. even we dont have proof about the 9/11 attack which some americans believe its an inside burn the quran is just disgrace the morale and ethics of the christians.jesus told to love the enemy.and that pastor is just asking more hatred.if he is truly a pastor.why didnt he follow what the bible preach.if he’s happen to create new commandmend.what make his words better than jesus,is he hollier than jesus?

    dont be a fool and act by your harted.dont breed the harted.fight it with some love.

  10. As regards to what Muslims would do to those poor buggers when the Koran is burned…well, haven’t you noticed that they have already been doing it for a long, long time now?

    Non-Muslims are being persecuted, murdered, butchered…raped…in Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria…whole villages and towns attacked..for no reason other than for being non-muslim.

    There are blasphemy laws in muslim nations already. When muslims want a non-muslim property they blame the non-muslim of blasphemy, have him killed and take his land, or business…this has been happening for a long time now, and of course the west has turned a blind eye to it.

    Of course it is far more productive for the Pastor to talk about blasphemy laws, the treatment of nonMuslims in Muslim countries, the slavery perpetrated by Islam on non-muslims when Islam by public decree makes muslims superior, hence the rest slaves,… what is worse than being a slave?

    The koran is a manual that perpetuates by public decree slavery!….

    What is Jihad? look at the history and the millions and millions of non-muslims that have been murdered, enslaved, deprived of life by Mohammed, the very founder, who enslaved and promised his followers more slaves through war…

    and you will understand the Koran…a manual to enslave.

    Any apologies coming from the muslim world?! none, and they will never come, because they believe that according to Mohammed it is their very birth-right to enslave and kill non-muslims.

    And what of the so-called good Muslims? they exist despite of islam, but only because they have been influenced by western thought to leave the teachings of the Koran, the Haddiths…etc.

    That is why Bin Laden and most the Muslim Brotherhood consider many Muslim rulers puppets of Western thought. These are pushing for sharia everywhere and compel muslims (who may be so by name only) to live under sharia and to ask for it wherever they are.

    Would we support Nazism, knowing that it is set to destroy our democracies…of course not! then why do we support Islam?

  11. Burning a Qur’an is just the beginning. Soon we’ll fight them openly in the streets, unless we want our children and grandchildren to wake up, under a burqa or niqaab, being raped the whole day and night (Muslim men don’t work and live from welfare and dealing drugs) by their loving husbands.

  12. Just because people receive words of angelsl doesn’t indicate that
    it is the WORD of JHVH (it takes the Spirit’s discernment to know).
    That is why it is wrong to say the holy bible or the holy quran etc.

  13. Thomas Jefferson kept a copy of the koran in order to study the enemy;at that time the Barbary pirates were capturing ships, holding hostages and taking whites for slaves. Such propaganda

    Know the Marine Corp anthem ” …to the shores of Tripoli”

  14. Thomas Jefferson kept a copy of the koran in order to study the enemy.

    At that time the Barbary pirates were capturing ships, holding hostages and taking whites for slaves. Such propaganda

    Know the Marine Corp anthem ” …to the shores of Tripoli”

  15. This burning on 9/11 has really been the only widely publicized one, unfortunately it is happenning nationwide

  16. The Liberal Lefties had no problem when a crucifix was suspended into container of urine , or DUNG was smeared on a portrait of the Virgin Mary. That was considered art , but where are they now when the good pastor needs his freedom of speech . I’ll tell ya where they are ..they are wetting their pants, hiding in fear from the relgion of peace , who would chop off their heads in a second LOL!

  17. Who is afraid of Virginia Wolf??? We all are, aren’t we? We, Americans have become bovines led to the slaughterhouse with no chance to speak without having our heads bitten off. They can come to our country, spit on and burn our flag, blow out our people under the “freedom of expression”??? AND WHAT ABOUT US, THE DUMB TAXPAYERS WHO SUPPORT THIS COUNTRY?
    So, our Constitution is no longer good for us, taxpayers, right? We have to take all the insults in the world by anyone who come here, and smile? OH GO TO HELL. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY TOO AND WE HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS? GOT THAT?

  18. I am absolutely thrilled and amazed. Usama Bin laden has won.
    He got what he seeked to do when he started off.
    Go on. Rant and rave you c****ps. Go burn the Koran.
    The true face of America lies exposed.
    I thought Bin laden was wrong. Now I know he was right.


  19. azzy,
    In what way has he won? What has been exposed is the lie that is islam and the intolerance that is islam – now go away you silly muslim twit. Personally I use the quran for toilet paper (poor quality).

  20. I actually read my koran, & scribble notes in it – the cover has nearly fallen off from use. Pity Bush, Blair and Co didn’t bother reading it when they had the chance.

  21. U can go to any university and have sex with Muslim women,they love big American cocks,the last one I was with said that every Muslim man has a cock no larger than 4 inches,lol,that’s one of the reasons they cum here,Muslim men are so dumb and unclean,I can’t wait for the day that we nuke them,my brother was over there in the war and he was lucky enough to kill 5 rag heads,almost makes me want to join the army,but Irather stay here and whore out their women,this one girl gets off when I bang her and beat her on her ass with the Koran,she let me cum on it once,lol

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