Iran Demands West Enforces Sharia

West must stop US pastor’s anti-Islam move: Iran MP
An Iranian “lawmaker”  has called on the West to put an end to acts of Islamophobia as infamous US Pastor Terry Jones plans to desecrate the Holy Quran by burning it.  (Iran Press TV thanks to Mullah)
Burning the Quran and anti-Islam behaviors basically have roots in Zionist thoughts, and this pastor is an extremist US Zionist playing a role in a game started by the Zionist regime of Israel, Pourfatemi stated. —  Zionists are also to  blame for Erectile Dysfunction among Muslims, who else…?

Pali Mustards  protest against a US-made movie mocking Islam, in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

“Those who claim [support for] freedom of thought and religion in the West must stop the burning of the Quran,” Seyyed Mohammad-Mehdi Pourfatemi said on Wednesday.
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France is doing away with itself, but….

…there are still pockets of resistance:

Ernesto Rojas Abbate was arrested in October 2010 after posting footage of himself wearing a devil mask and tearing pages from the Islamic holy book before setting it on fire and later urinating on it to extinguish the flames.

French Appeals Court allows acquittal ruling to stand for man who posted a video of himself burning and urinating on quran  (Barenaked)

Watch your feelings:

The appeals court ruled that, while the video was “willfully outrageous and deliberately provocative”, there was no evidence Rojas Abbate had intended   “to arouse feelings of hostility… aimed at provoking discrimination, hate, or violence towards Muslims.”

His lawyer, Renaud Bettcher, hailed the ruling, saying: “In a secular and republican society, it is incomprehensible that my client was prosecuted. Blasphemy does not exist in France.”

Police arrested Rojas Abbate after local Muslim leaders in Strasbourg reacted with outrage at the video. (When DON’T Muslims react with outrage?)

 But that rewriting of French history is coming along nicely:


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Switzerland: Sharia Applied; Koran & Bible Burning Prevented, Offenders Arrested

Sharia in Switzerland
The three men who had announced  a bible & koran burning demonstration for today 17,30 o’clock in Berne, Switzerland, (pi reported), were arrested yesterday  by Swiss police. At the plaza this afternoon many onlookers had gathered, among them many Muslim “yoots”. (video)  Imprisonment of up to three years threatens the three activists who are accused of crimes of incitement and public calls to hate and/or discrimination against a group of persons because of their religion. (Source: (Wouldn’t it be better for the Swiss to round up the soldiers of Allah and put them in the can?)

Mark Steyn Sticks a Knife In It:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and YouTubing these clips/via GoV

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"Infidel Rights"

Robert Spencer gets another death threat:

“Robert Spencer has his right to speech. But someday he will slip up, he will visit a place that doesn’t honor such infidel “rights.”

“infidel rights”, how cute!   In the comments, I found this:

Andrew G. Bostom/American Thinker

Constitutional Law Smacks Down Sharia Law in Michigan

Diametrically opposed governmental reactions to recent Koran burning episodes are on display in Britain and the United States.

The British reaction demonstrates the extent to which our “mother country” has retrogressed toward a full self-imposed dhimmitude of the non-Muslim majority under Sharia-based tenets dictated by its mainstream fundamentalist Muslim community — despite the latter being a relatively small demographic minority. According to The Daily Mail,

Six suspects were seized after allegedly torching the Muslim holy book in the backyard of a pub… Two men were arrested on suspicion of stirring racial hatred, and have since been released on bail. On Wednesday (9/23/10) four more Gateshead men were arrested and bailed….Police confirmed the arrests were in relation to burning the book, not for making, distributing or watching the video. “On Wednesday, September 22, four men from Gateshead were arrested on suspicion of stirring racial hatred,” a spokesman said.

Contrast this craven abandonment of free speech and capitulation to Islamic supremacism in Britain with the sober — and US Constitution-affirming — reaction of Stuart Dunnings III, prosecuting attorney in Ingham County. Michigan.

As reported in the Detroit News, Dunnings categorically rejected intense pressure from local Muslim leaders to pursue charges against a Lansing, Michigan man who admitted to burning a Koran outside an East Lansing mosque. For example, Dawud Walid, executive director of the Hamas front and unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation jihad terrorism funding trial, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan, argued vociferously that the Koran burner, whose identity has been protected by local authorities, face federal charges. Walid fumed;

Not to prosecute this hate crime would send a terrible message to bigots that there will be no legal repercussion against those who intimidate Muslims at their houses of worship.

But Dunnings refused to abide the hypocritical, taqiyya-laden arguments by the Sharia-supremacist organization CAIR and its Michigan spokesperson. Prosecutor Dunnings simply “..didn’t find there was any violation of Michigan law.” Elaborating, Dunnings further denied there was any evidence of a “hate crime,” and he also affirmed that the act itself was Constitutionally protected free expression, as had been determined previously for flag burning

Burning a holy book, whose pages were found outside the Islamic Center of East Lansing on Sept. 11, doesn’t qualify as a hate crime…We don’t have a hate crime. There was no threat of physical intimidation because (the man who burned the Koran) was the only one there at the time…The act also was protected by the First Amendment

Is Koran Burning Protected by Free Speech?

By Daniel Huff/Fox News

The struggle for civil rights forged a national commitment to preserving free speech in the face of hostile audiences. It is alarming how quickly the Koran controversy has melted that resolve.

Initially, everyone from Mayor Bloomberg to the White House affirmed a right to burn the book even as they condemned the act. Then Gen. Davide Petraeus got involved, followed by the FBI, and now Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says Koran burning may not be protected speech after all.

The latest Koran burning links:

Dhummitude on steroids: Two Gateshead men arrested for watching 9/11 Koran burning video

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Qur'an burning: what American law is violated?


UK police stop people from burning a page of Koran while American and UK flags burn all around

The police in England now seem to be enforcing sharia law, even though there is no act of legislation that makes burning a page of Koran illegal in any way. At the very very best, this is submission to violent foreign authority and a fifth column. At worst, Bat Ye’or is correct and this is more evidence of collusion to make Britain Islamic. (Vlad Tepes blog)

Flagburning? Display of Islamic Supremacy? No problemo:

Desecration?  WTF? Police Identify Man Responsible for Qur’an Desecration

Robert Spencer:

Jihad Watch reader Abdul Ameer sent me this email regarding this story, about the $10,000 reward the East Lansing Police Department is offering for information on the recent burning of a Qur’an there:

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Michigan: Mohammedan Police Chief Offers 10.000 Reward in Qur'an-burning Case

$10,000 Reward In Koran Burning Case

There is no law on the books that says you can’t burn a Koran.  Det. Sherief Fadly is clearly implementing sharia, Islamic law, in violation of constitutional law. Will he be fired? Investigated? Don’t bet on it:

The East Lansing Police Department is seeking the publics help to find who is responsible for burning and desecrating a Koran. The incident happened on September 11. It was found at the front door of the Islamic Center of East Lansing.

The department is offering $10,000 for any information that would lead to the identification and prosecution of those responsible for this act.

Those with information are asked to call Det. Sherief Fadly at 517-319-6814. (

Fadly should be pleased: Al-Arabiya: 180 converts to Islam in Washington, DC, because of Qur’an-burning and protests against Ground Zero mosque

Diana West has by far the best take on the Koran burning hysteria:

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Fanatical Frenzy Watch:

When they woke up, they realized that they were living under sharia….

Diana West

Sharia Transit Authority

From the New York Daily News:

The protester who burned pages from the Koran outside a planned mosque near Ground Zero has been fired from NJTransit, sources and authorities said Tuesday.

Dr. Andrew Bostom has a few things to say about this travesty:

Burning the Constitution with the Koran

You bet this train man with the wife and two kids at home looked nervous. It wasn’t America, land of the brave, he was living in anymore. It was somewhere else — in a state of sharia.

Islamic law is here and now. But it is enforced not by the fatwas of ayatollahs or mullahs of the Islamic umma, but by the arbitrary powers of psuedo-ayatollahs and faux-mullahs of the American state — in this case, the New Jersey Transit Authority. Elevating Islam’s law above our Constitution, these government officials have chosen to punish the “blasphemer,” in the process devaluing and, indeed, ceding our constutitional rights to speech and protest. All NJ Transit is missing is a banner saying: “9/11/01, Mission Accomplished.” (Read it all)

If you think what’s happening in America is bad, take a look at Austria, where things are far worse:

“Justice Must Not Be Made the Handmaiden of Sharia”

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

For the last ten months Ms. Sabaditsch-Wolff has had the possibility of a formal charge hanging over her head, based on what she said last November in a seminar she gave about Islam. She has been waiting for the other shoe to drop, and now it seems that the red patent-leather stiletto heel of Austrian “justice” has finally thumped against the floor.

The travesty of the matter is that Ms. Sabaditsch-Wolff did not learn of the charge filed against her through a court document.

She received no official summons.

It was not communicated through her lawyer.

No, that’s not the way they do things in modern multicultural Austria. As is typical of the corrupt soft-totalitarian state known as the “European Union”, she learned of the official charge via the Austrian media.

Read further…

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Now they seek to destroy him

City plans to bill pastor for security around planned Quran burning

By John Couwels, CNN

The notion of the social contract implies that the people give up sovereignty to a government or other authority in order to receive or maintain social order through the rule of law. When the government fails to protect its citizens from  hostile, subversive Islamaniacs who are threatening to murder anyone who opposes their vile ideology,  the social contract is broken. The Islamization of America is well on the way, as the opposition fails to get organized. Instead of backing this “lunatic, media whore”, the real whores are grinning smugly, wisecracking  on about how wrong this pastor Jones was. Perhaps these armchair warriors would prefer if Jones followed in the path of Roland Weisselberg, a Lutheran vicar who  set himself alight in the German town of Erfurt to protest the Islamization of Europe.

When it comes to Islam, the  media whores ignore a demonstration of 40.000 people on Ground Zero on 9/11, as Robert Spencer, Pam Geller and Geert Wilders  just found out. Some of our officials are quick to judge, but without understanding. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who wondered  aloud on Larry King whether Koran-burning is protected free speech under the constitution, just made a fool of himself and was forced to retract……

The Rev. Terry Jones answers reporters’ questions at the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida

Orlando, Florida (CNN) — The city of Gainesville, Florida, plans to send a bill estimated at more than $180,000 to Pastor Terry Jones for security costs surrounding his controversial threat to burn Qurans on the anniversary of the September, 11, 2001, attacks, a police spokeswoman said Friday.

Police agencies spent more than a month working on security plans to ensure the community surrounding Jones’ Dove World Outreach Center — the planned site of the burning — was safe, according to Gainesville police spokeswoman Cpl. Tscharna Senn.

Jones also told authorities he received numerous death threats because of the planned protest, which he called off amid increasing pressure from world leaders.

The Gainesville Police Department said it spent more than $100,000 while the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spent an estimated $80,000 during the weekend of the planned demonstration.

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Poll Results: Do you agree with pastor Terry Jones Koran burning on 9/11?

Yes. Burning the Koran symbolizes resisting Islam  got  66 % of all votes

No. I oppose all book burning 28 % of votes

Why can’t we just talk about it? 6 % are fence sitters…..

Update: he was against it before he was for it:

Justice Breyer: Burning a Quran may be wrong, but it’s a right

New Poll:

Is burning the Koran protected  freedom of expression?

  1. Yes. Freedom of speech is non-negotiable
  2. No. Burning the Koran will cause war and terrorism
  3. The Koran & Islam should be forbidden
  4. Everyone should read the Koran

Quotes of the day:

Once a country accepts censorship of the press and of speech nothing can be won without violence“-Therefore, so long as you have free speech, protect it. This is the life-and-death issue in this country: do not give up the freedom of the press — of newspapers, books, magazines, radio, movies, and other forms of presenting ideas. So long as that’s free, a peaceful intellectual turn is possible.” – Ayn Rand.

Has anything changed since 1807?

“Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day.” –Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807.

What Law? It’s Free Speech, Stupid (Atlas)