Home Secretary bans English Defence League march in Bradford

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has authorised a blanket ban on marches in a city on the day of a planned protest by the English Defence League (EDL), an right-wing campaign group.

Ah yes, Britain, where freedom of speech means hate-speech for Muslims and jail for opponents of cultural enrichment…..

Protestors of the English Defence League (EDL) break through barriers

The EDL had intended to demonstrate in Bradford on Saturday August 28 and Unite Against Fascism has planned a protest in the city on the same day.

A Home Office spokesman said: ”Having carefully balanced rights to protest against the need to ensure local communities and property are protected, the Home Secretary today gave her consent to a Bradford Council order banning any marches in the city over the bank holiday weekend.  (Telegraph UK)


German-Turkish politician calls for burqa ban

Liberal German-Turkish politician Serkan Toeren has called for a ban on the full-body veil worn by Muslim women. Toeren wants to follow in the model set by France and Belgium, which banned the burqa earlier this year. (Deutsche Welle)

Postcard from Turkey

Indonesia threatens Holland over Wilders

Hissing and pissing:

If the views of Geert Wilders on the Islam are to become part of the official [Dutch] government policy, it could disrupt the relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia. This is what the Indonesian ambassador to the Netherlands, Junus Effendi Habibie, said in an interview with Radio Netherlands. “That would be very regrettable,” Habibie said.  (Gates of Vienna) Read further…

11 thoughts on “Home Secretary bans English Defence League march in Bradford”

  1. Well it’s final, free speech in the UK is dead, gone, murdered.

    Will this finally rouse the Brits from their stupor or will it take public beheadings in the street?

  2. The folks who thought a Conservative government in Britain would be so much better than a Liberal government were probably, unfortunately, much like we in America were when we were promised all that “hopey-changey” crap.

    (I never bought into it)

    People — and I suppose we can’t condemn them for hoping — tend to imagine wonderful things (strawberries, cute little puppies, shiny objects) coming with the “new.”

    Well, the new “new” is the “same old,” and it is woefully ill-prepared to deal with what we now face.

    This is a world threatened by a Totalitarian force far worse that that of Nazism; a force that will stop at nothing to achieve its objective, by “fair” means or foul: Sharia Law everywhere, and they don’t care how long it takes.

    The “elites” in Britain are towing the line like everywhere else — just in it for themselves, it appears — and they’re demonizing the EDL, just as the “elites” in America demonize the SIOA and the FDI and its principals and supporters, but from what I can see, there is a seriously-widening gap between these “elites” and the people.

    Ever widening…

  3. The coming world-leader will get rid of all the religious laws anyway
    (including sharia and mosaic laws), for they all exclude other legal
    religious systems thus it will be logical to abolish all.

  4. The EDL should organize a protest against the police for what it did to John Broomfield.

  5. Indonesia has no qualms when churches are being forced to close in its own country and it’s own citizens are not allowed to practice freely their peaceful religious convictions. Yet, it is concerned about Wilders in the Netherlands. It is concerned about Islamophobia…

    what has Indonesia done in regards to the closing down of churches in Indonesia, and in other Islamic countries? What has Indonesia done in regards to over 8 million foreign workers in Saudi Arabia whose religious rights as non-Muslims are non-existent!

    What has Indonesia done in regards to the rights of W. Papuans ?

  6. SM…What make you think izlam might not be the New World order, with it’s own built in legal system & one world religion and guide to everyday living? They are literally dying to take over the world and make no bones about it. It’s a perfect fit & perhaps (unfortunately) it’s pre-ordained ? Fate?

    I don’t usually buy into the New World Order conspiracies but after studying izlam it’s difficult to dismiss.

  7. When *pigs* fly,
    Islam is not the New World Order because the goal of NWO groups
    is to maintain diversity as tool to control the world.
    Islam wants to rule without diversity.
    NWO groups don’t put religion above all, but Islamic groups do.
    Islam lacks a comprehensive worldwide infrastructure to rule,
    real power-groups of nwo are far ahead in this and under the radar.
    islam is too traceable anyway.
    The coming worldleader won’t recognise any religion at all, but will have the approval of the nwo and EU (worldwide approval afterwards).
    Also islamists as well as terrorists declared war against secret societies
    as they do not go along with the umma.
    Everybody wants to rule the world but… not everyone can!
    Actually China and Russia are closer to world-domination than islam,
    still the anti-christ/revived roman empire EU/nwo combination will beat all to it. but it won’t last, Qahal YHWH will straighten things out for a thousand years.

  8. SM,

    It seems to me that those who believe that they can “use” Islam as one of their “tools” to manipulate relevant areas where they wish to maintain a certain amount of useful chaos, would be wise to not just arrogantly assume that they can adequately “control” that particular tool in the box (beast in the box?).

    Perhaps they can keep it in check as they pull the world’s strings, but perhaps they underestimate what Islam really is and the potential power it posesses to dominate anywhere it gets a foot in the door?

    The links escape me at the moment, but I believe there are relevant examples in history where such was tried, and where Islam turned on its “string-pulling allies” and took over.

  9. Eleanor Ruth,
    Probably islam is underestimating everyone/thing else.
    China and Russia don’t care about muslims, if they don’t
    cooperate they kill them just like that.
    The anti-christ, the revived roman empire and nwo won’t
    mind killing millions of people who stand in their way.
    The enabling of muslim fanatism started under Carter’s presidency,
    playing the wrong cards in Iran. human error is common.
    But YHWH does not make errors; islam won’t take over the entire world, though the Supreme Being will.

  10. Steiner,
    Indonesia is the world most populous muslim nation nowadays because the dutch occupied it, but never forced christianity on the population
    the way other colonizing nations did.
    So it is kind of hypocritical of them to interfere with religious and
    political affairs in the netherlands.
    As you said they have their hands full with problems of their own
    intolerance at home. let them try to lecture the ignorant masses on
    religious tolerance throughout indonesia for a start.

  11. Why is this banned when the Muslims were allowed to burn a poppy in public? My vote will go to the British National Party to get daft minority worshipers like her out of parliament and into the sewer.

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